Bike Month: Best Bike for Bicycle Commuting

May is Bike Month (if you weren’t aware), and it’s a good month for biking, of course, since the weather is quite nice in most places.

To help you get into the spirit of biking or help you with some practical bicycling issues, I’m going to direct you to a number of great bicycling articles by true bike experts (and I’ll share a bit of the key points from those articles with you as well) over the coming weeks. I’ll also write a few of my own based on my experiences and research.

This first article I’m going to direct you towards comes from BikeRadar, a great site for super bike enthusiasts. (But don’t worry, it’s tailored to normal folks.)

Best Bike for Bicycling Commuting

If you’re new to bicycling, or even if you’re not so new to it, you might be wondering what the best bike is for your bike commute. Well, of course, that depends on your commute (if you’re commuting down a mountain, down the street, or from one side of NYC to the other). It also depends on your personal preferences. John Stevenson has an in-depth article on different features, pros, and cons of the following types of bikes:

  • Race
  • Tourer
  • Fixed Gear
  • Flat-bar
  • Mountain Bike
  • Roadster
  • Electric
  • Folder

A great summary of these bikes and what’s good or ‘bad’ about them. He also gives three different purchasing recommendations for each, based on your priority:

  1. Budget
  2. Sensibility
  3. Luxury

Check it out: What’s the best bike for cycle commuting?

Remember what John F. Kennedy said: “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” Get on it, & enjoy!

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