Biggest Day of Global Political Action on 10/10? [New Ellen Page/ VIDEO]

If you weren’t informed, the International Day of Climate Action organized last year was considered by many to be the biggest day of global political action in history. There were 5248 registered events in 181 countries. CNN called it the “most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history.”

A great little compilation video of the day is here:

While international leaders failed to do much on climate change in Copenhagen last December, this grassroots movement has not lost any of its steam.

The upcoming global day of action or “Global Work Party” on 10/10/10 is looking like it might break last year’s record.

As Bill McKibben of wrote in an email a few minutes ago, “I’ve been double-checking our numbers, and it’s beginning to look like we might shoot past the total of events from last year’s International Day of Climate Action. As I type this message, the counter is at 5203 events.”

I just saw “Inception” two nights ago and am happy to see that star Ellen Page (also the star of “Juno”), an actress I love, is also a “devoted student of permaculture and sustainability” and has joined forces with 350.or to create this video below:

With global warming getting worse and worse, it seems the global movement to address it can only get stronger. While some countries and cities are moving fast to install clean energy and switch to cleaner modes of transport, many are still sitting in limbo.

Hopefully, this global day of action, the 10/10/10 Global Work Party, will inspire more countries to get working on this issue and will jump-start needed, continuous action.

Image Credit: via flickr

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