Bicycle Superhighway for Sweden!


bike superhighway sweden

Looks like Sweden is finally* getting a little competitive with quality-of-life rivals Denmark and the Netherlands and is looking to pump some good money into a big bicycle project.

The news: “Following on recent efforts that have increased cycling 30% in each of the last four years, the Swedish city of Malmo is prepared to spend $4.1 million to build a bike superhighway connecting to the city of Lund, its northern neighbor,” Planetizen reports.

cycling superhighway sweden

“The proposed bicycle superhighway would, in addition to four lanes (2 in each direction) have exits but no intersections, two types of wind protection (low bushes as well as solid fencing) periodic bicycle service stations, and would take eight years to complete,” A.K. Streeter of TreeHugger writes.

Why this is important: Bicycling is the greenest, most-efficient common mode of transportation on the planet. It’s good for your health. It’s good for your emotions. It’s relaxing. It improves the atmosphere of a city. It’s cool. It’s cheap. It’s fun.

Opportunities for action: Get involved with the League of American Bicyclists and/or Alliance for Biking & Walking (or start your own little thing) and promote better bicycling support in your area! And, of course, bike!

*OK, noted, the small university town of Lund already has 60% of its residents bicycling or taking transit for utilitarian purposes.And “cycling has increased 30% each year for the last four years” in Malmö, according to A.K. Streeter.

Image Credits: Ramboll/Screen capture & Trafikverket/Screen capture via TreeHugger

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