Bicycle Composting and Recycling Service in Philadelphia [VIDEO]

Bicycle composting and recycling service in action in Philadelphia

A couple months ago I wrote about a cool bicycle composting service in St. Paul, Minnesota. Here’s a similar bike composting and recycling service in Philadelphia, the Pedal Co-Op.

“Motivated by their love of bike culture and the environment, this enterprising group has built a cooperative business around transporting other businesses’ compost and recycling,” Rory Woods of sustainablog writes.

“The Pedal Co-Op is a worker run organization that offers an alternative recycling and compost hauling service to businesses in Philadelphia,” the YouTube page for the video below says. “Using trailers attached to the back of bicycles, riders for the Pedal Co-Op haul recyclables to Blue Mountain Recycling and compost to local gardens.”

For more info, visit the YouTube page and, of course, check out the video below.

Think this is a great idea? Consider getting on a bike and starting a similar service in your community.

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Photo Credit: screenshot of YouTube video above

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