Ben & Jerry’s & Tesla Fight Climate Change–Together!

You will find the latest climate petition in an unlikely place—Ben & Jerry’s stores and scoop shops across the United States. The Vermont-based company just unveiled Save Our Swirled, a new ice cream flavor inspired by the company’s campaign to raise awareness about the facts and issues of worldwide climate change.

Save our Swirled! ice cream (“On every carton of the flavor—raspberry ice cream streaked with marshmallow and raspberry swirls and chunks of dark and white fudge ice cream cone—is a link to sign a petition calling on world leaders to work toward 100% clean energy by 2050, beginning at the United Nations climate summit in Paris this December.”

Europe will get the flavor in September, and Asia, by the end of the year.

Partners in the Save Our Swirled campaign:

  • Avaaz, a global web movement of 41 million members in 194 nations, working to bring people-powered politics to decisionmaking everywhere and handling the petition drive.
  •, a climate change movement co-founded by Bill McKibben (author of The End of Nature) that’s organizing, empowering, and informing citizens in 188 countries to pressure their leaders into addressing climate change and cutting emissions.
  • BICEP, an advocacy coalition of businesses and project of CERES committed to working with policymakers to enable a rapid transition to a low-carbon 21st century economy that will create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and help stabilize our planet’s vulnerable climate.
Vermont now has an eco-friendly ice cream truck--a 100% electric Tesla Model S. (
Vermont now has an eco-friendly ice cream truck–a 100% electric Tesla Model S. (

And here’s the best news, besides the ice cream—with Tesla Motors, the ice cream maker has masterminded an eco-friendly ice cream truck from a revamped 100% electric Tesla Model S. It carries more than 1,000 scoops worth of ice cream. In the front trunk there’s a “Climate Action” station where customers can sign the Avaaz climate change petition.

Ben & Jerry’s has been fighting for our climate and working on reducing the environmental impact of their business since 2002, when they launched a carbon offsets program for the Vermont manufacturing facilities tucked away near Stowe Mountain—well worth a visit (and a taste!) if you’re in the neighborhood! In 2007, they began a global warming advocacy campaign in partnership with the Dave Matthews Band. Human rights and marriage equality have also been on the Ben & Jerry’s agenda.

The company website says, “There is no quick fix to solve climate change, but we know what we need to do. We must:

  • Divest from fossil fuels,
  • Increase renewable energy sources,
  • Put a price on carbon pollution, and
  • Work with developing countries to invest in renewable energy.”

Sign the petition here.

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