Beluga Whale Saves Drowning Diver


Tourists at a Chinese aquarium were witness to a dramatic and highly unusual rescue bid, after a beluga whale rescued a drowning diver by pushing her out of the water.

The diver, called Yan Yung, had been taking part in a breath-holding competition in a 6-metre deep pool when she was struck with painful cramps in her legs at the aquarium at Harbin Polar Land in the country’s north-east Heilongjiang province.

“Maybe I was too nervous, and my legs had sudden cramps,” explained Yung. “I never dive into the water so deep and so cold. I was so nervous then. When I was choking with water and plummeting to the bottom, a sudden force pushed me out of the water.”

According to an activity organizer, the beluga, known as Mila, is very familiar with humans and was quick to identify the problem. “We didn’t notice the problem until we saw Mila holding the diver’s leg with her mouth and pushing her out of the water,” she said.

To show her gratitude, Yang Yun thanked the audience and Mila by diving into the tank again after making a speedy recovery.

Following the unsettling story of the over-friendly dolphin that scared a New Zealand swimmer witless, this news might help to redress the balance and remind us that, although they should always be treated with respect, wild creatures needn’t always be a danger to humans.

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Via The Mirror

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