Beijing Bike-Sharing System to be HUGE

Beijing’s planning a bike-sharing program that will give other top bike-sharing programs in the world a run for their money (as in, will be up there with the top bike-sharing programs in the world in size and scale).

Stations for the program have been “spotted being installed in the Dongcheng and Chaoyang Districts of Central Beijing,” The Bike-sharing Blog notes.

“Unlike the terminated private company bike-share system of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this service will be owned by the city. They plan to have 20,000 bicycles in 1,000 stations by the end of this year and 50,000 bicycles by 2015, according to the Beijing Radio Network. The launch date has not been set.” (emphasis mine)

Looking forward to seeing & sharing more news on this.

Image: Hangzhou bicyclists using Hangzhou bike-sharing service (via Hangzhou Service)

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