Beautiful Time Lapse Video of National Parks

Ran across this today an love it. Thought I’d share:

Here’s info on the time lapse video from the vimeo page:

This is a collection of all time lapse shots I recorded during my July 2011 road trip from California to Minnesota visiting friends and National Parks along the way. The footage here, I’m sorry to say, really is not state of the art. With motion control rigs time lapse has come a long way to give us new perspectives and angles. So was sad I could not bring my own bulky DIY rig (no way they would let it on the plane). But then, this video was always a side project. Time was limited in the places leaving not much room for location scouting or waiting for ideal weather conditions. On the whole – I realized when making this video – it is rather a compilation than a unified video. So for me personally it lacks unity, the “golden thread” connecting things or something…but as part of the extended cut these shots will however nicely serve to reminiscence about the trip.

There are imho some awesome weather scenes starting at 6:12 and especially the lightning cloud around 6:43

Locations: Monolake, Eureka Dunes, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon North and South Rim, Navajo Bridge, Horse Shoe Bend, Monument Valley, Arches, Wyoming, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Rockies, South Dakota Badlands

Clearly, the creator was being quite humble or has very high standards, as the shots and video are beautiful.

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