Bag Monster: San Francisco Activism

bag monster

San Francisco activists are trying to catch up to India, where plastic bags have been banned in its largest state and several other places. How? By covering themselves in plastic bags (i.e. dressing up as “Bag Monsters.”)

You have to love these pics. I can’t wait to see the ones from the event, and wish I were there to join in.

The Bag Monster Blog is organizing an activist event next week to promote a proposed ban on plastic bags in California. If you’re in the area, they need you to join in.

Bag Monster
Regarding the upcoming bill, the Bag Monster Blog writes:

Every year Californians are estimated to use 19 billion plastic bags – many of which will end up in our rivers and oceans causing major harm and damage to our precious eco-systems. A ban on plastic bags is one of the biggest single cuts we can make to reduce marine debris pollution. California Bill, AB 1998 would ban single-use plastic bags in California for good! As senators gather this August to vote we need to make sure we are heard and that this bill passes!

Regarding the activist event, their calling for 100 of you San Franciscans to turn out for this on August 12 to become a Bag Monster for a day:

We need YOU to wear a Bag Monster costume on August 12, 2010 @ Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco at our “Don’t Feed the Bag Monster” event. We will provide the costume, a free reusable bag, snacks and water. Join us as we let the state know that we are fed up with the unnecessary waste of single-use bags!

For more information on the event, visit the Bag Monster blog.

Or, you or your organization can contact Becca Schwalm directly @ (530) 342-4426 x224 or [email protected] if you are interested in participating.

Images via the Bag Monster Blog

5 thoughts on “Bag Monster: San Francisco Activism”

  1. Nothing wrong with making money confused reader just that they miss two points

    1. They should be full transparent when they take on these activities and let it be known more clearly that it is a corporate sponsership
    2. Nothing wrong with the bag monster approach. But if it is to be a fully just why register it at all for control…they could just release the mark and let it be public access…

    If Coke or Bank of America had done this people would be in rioting.

  2. confused reader

    since when is EVERYONE that makes money evil? think:

    somebody is going to make money building wind energy and solar energy — awesome!

    somebody is going to make money making water purifiers for Africa — saweeet!

    somebody is going to make money inventing a cure for aids — well, that's just wrong. NOPE! it's called gettin'er done — let's support these innovators!

  3. Yeah it does smack of a corporate campaign, but whatever the source, it really is about time we did away with the plastic bags. The pics are great. I live in the Bay Area, and honestly, this is the first I've ever heard of the "Bag Monsters"
    My recent post The Side Effects of Success

  4. San Francisco marketing yes. Activism no. Sorry Zachary the Bag monster is about greed not green.

    Did you know that the "bag monster" was not a random grassroots activism piece and that internet posts and appearances are paid or funded by corporate america? It is a manufactured marketing tool created and owned by Chico bag? Yep. They even registered it in 2008 because they feel it is part of their brand image. You can even say that in your first picture it is missing a label and arrow pointing to the statement on the sign saying "move forward with Chico bag"

    Sorry this is just greedy commercialism in disguise.

    I would agree that it is activism if they had not registered it for control. You will find out that they fund most bag monster sightings as well…and why is that? Because it makes them (very specifically Chico Bag) money! They aren't simply saying dont use plastic but use our Chico Bag instead…but you have to admit its cleaver because they even fooled you.

    1. wow, good background on this. truthfully, though, i don't think i have a problem with it if they are helping to make the world a better place, whether it be through corporate means or semi-corporate. but, of course, not being clear that they are corporate-based does make you feel a little funny about them. i thought the photos were of exceptional quality! 😀

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