Baby in Womb


Remember those old “Baby on Board” signs placed on car windows and bumper stickers? Sometimes they said “Baby in Car,” and their message, which went worldwide in over 35 languages, was to drive carefully and pay attention to the cars around you, especially this car with a baby infant seated inside it.

Now comes the “Baby in Womb” bumper sticker, created by climate activist Danny Bloom, who says he created the decals as ”an environmental and climate action protest targeting the ridiculous and deadly amount of carbon dioxide emissions our car and factory culture belch out each day, 24/7, day and night.”

Rewind to 1984: The “Baby in Car” messages were usually placed on square decals or horizontal bumper stickers and were intended, of course, to be placed either in the back window of an automobile or on the rear fender to encourage safe driving. First marketed in September of 1984 by Safety 1st Corporation, the signs became popular quickly, flourishing worldwide throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In some nations, the signs read “Princess on board” or “Little Person on board.”

Bloom, 63, says he found an artist in Taiwan, where he now lives and works, and asked her to design the “Baby in Womb” sign. As you can see above, she did it. Her name is Yu Yu-chi, and she is 35 years, and a mother herself.  Bloom says he wanted to create the sticker as a car decal ”targeting co2 emissions worldwide, which may very well be putting the future of the human species, let alone new-born babies, in great peril.” He says he hopes the decal can be used worldwide as a window and bumper sticker attention-getter and climate activist organizing tool.

“I just wanted to create something that might be useful for climate activists and climate protest groups around the world,” Miss Yu, a mother of three, said. “If this sign can help people in the world focus better on what our carbon dioxide emissions are doing to the future of this planet, and humanity, then I will feel I accomplished something. The decal is free and available for anyone to copy and use and distribute. It’s my little gift from Taiwan to the world.”

To get a free decal in the mail, just send an email to [email protected] with your snail mail address and a peel-off decal will be mailed to you airmail from Taiwan. For a free email version of the “BABY IN WOMB” sign, you can  do the same — just send a request to [email protected] and a free online image will be sent to you, in yellow and black.

Design by Miss 余毓倩 in Chiayi CIty
Printed by Mr. 莊育典 in Chiayi City

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