Australia Assists in NZ Quake Rescue

With the scale of just how hard and damaging the recent 6.3-magnitude quake quickly increasing with each hour that passes, with each revision of the dead and missing, Australia has increased the number of rescue experts they are sending in to help.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland announced on Tuesday that Australia would be sending a total of 148 Urban Search and Rescue specialists to Christchurch, at the NZ Government’s request. 74 specialists have already been deployed from the state of New South Whales, while an additional 74 would be deployed Wednesday morning from Queensland.

“These rescue teams are experts at recovering people who are trapped or affected by structural collapse and consist of highly trained emergency services workers, doctors, engineers and search dogs,” Mr McClelland said in a statement.

“They have expert search, rescue, medical, engineering and support capabilities.”

McClelland said that the Australian Government is remaining in regular contact with New Zealand officials and was ready to provide any more help as necessary.

“New Zealand was one of the first countries to offer assistance to Australia during the floods crisis and we will continue to do what we can to help our friends across the Tasman through this catastrophe,” he said.

Image Source: Royal New Zealand Navy

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