Atlanta's 1st Colored Bike Lanes (Yay!)

Colored bike lanes are one of my favorite things in the world. They make the greenest form of transportation (bicycling, of course) safer and more attractive. They grant bikers much more respect on the road. In Florida, I’ve been yelled at to get out of the road while I was biking in a bike lane with the bike lane sign and painted symbol on the lane right in front of me. I have a feeling that wouldn’t have happened if I were in a painted bike lane — hope so.

Anyway, the good news is: Atlanta just got its first colored bike lane! Atlanta’s Creative Loafing writes:

“The painted bike-lane project, a combined effort between Georgia Tech, the Midtown Alliance, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and the city’s Transportation Planning division, is aimed to help bicyclists cross busy West Peachtree Street while pedaling along 5th Street…. According to the ABC, itincludes two bike ramps and a ‘Copenhagen Left.’ The initiative cost $34,000, a relatively inexpensive amount when compared to other initiatives.”

The project is supposed to be completely finished by October 12.

Following the official opening ceremony on October 12, “the public is invited to City Hall, where those same partners, the Atlanta Police Department’s Bike Patrol, Bikes Belong, the Atlanta Regional CommissionMayor Kasim Reed’s Office of Sustainability, and BATMA will hold the city’s first Bike Expo between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.”

Image Credits: Atlanta colored bike lane on road & Atlanta colored bike lane on sidewalk by Pecanne Log (pecannelog on instagram)

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