Astonish Me (Short Film)

WWF recently released a new short film, Astonish Me, that is quite beautiful and awe-inspiring. Talk about an interesting way to present someone with all sorts of.. astonishing species recently discovered. Highly recommend watching:

As WWF writes, it is a “magical tale of adventure and discovery showcasing some of the extraordinary species recently found around the world. ‘Astonish Me’ has been created by acclaimed writer Stephen Poliakoff and director Charles Sturridge to celebrate our 50th anniversary.”

Of course, aside from highlighting recently discovered species, WWF highlights the fact that species are disappearing before our eyes every day, and many we’ve never even discovered are. We’ve got endangered plant species lists and endangered animal species lists, but in the midst of the world’s 6th mass extinction, these lists are never complete and change nearly every day.

A big thanks to WWF for making this short film and emailing me about it.


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