Are Republican Leaders Evil or Stupid? (+ Top Activism & Politics Stories)

Sorry, I’m not a big fan of name-calling, but I’m really genuinely wondering tonight — are Republican leaders pure evil or are the just plain stupid?

They talk about how government shouldn’t be involved in the daily lives of people or in the lives of corporations, and yet they continue to support tax loopholes for huge oil companies making humongous profits on the backs of everyday people. While they say that no money should go to keeping our air and water clean and our climate livable (and even temperature and climate record-keeping!), they think taxpayers should boost oil company profits with continuous subsidies.

Koch-supported Senator Scott Brown is now even proposing that we cut Social Security and Medicare instead of oil tax loopholes. Nice, way to support the people of America.

Anyway, here’s some more politics and activism news of the last day or so. Enjoy (or not)!

Preventing Climate Change,.. or Accelerating It

  1. US Breaks Heat Records as Republicans End Record-Keeping
  2. After Praying for Rain, Texas Governor Rick Perry Prays for the EPA to Stop Environmental Regulations
  3. The Value of Sustainability to the Military: “Preventing Wars is as Important as Winning Them, and Far Less Costly”
  4. As Melting Artic Sea Ice Opens Up Oil and Gas Resources, Secretary Salazar Backs Offshore Drilling
  5. After Months of Tea Party Attacks on the Environment, Glimmers of Sanity Emerge

Drug Traffickers Attempt to Massacre Isolated Amazon Tribe

  1. Brazil moves to prevent ‘massacre’ of Amazon tribe by drug traffickers
  2. Isolated Tribe Missing In The Amazon After Drug Traffickers Attack

Fukushima Cover-up

  1. Contaminated seafood and government cover-up at Fukushima
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