Arctic Drilling to Push Us Over the Stupidity Tipping Point?

arctic oil drilling activists

Iris Cheng had an interesting piece over on Greenpeace ‘s Making Waves blog last week. It delved into the utter stupidity of money-hungry politicians and oil companies. In particular, it discussed the oil drilling race in the Arctic. Here’s the intro:

The Arctic sea ice has retreated steadily for the past 10 years reaching record lows, or close to it, every year. The retreat promises to reveal all manner of riches for those willing to risk everything. Unfortunately there seems to be no shortage of takers.

The world seems to be racing headlong towards a point of no return – one that seems to me best described as a ‘stupidity tipping point’. Allow me to show you…

Iris then went on to discuss Exhibit 1, 2, and 3. Read the full piece here: Will the rush for Arctic oil push us over a stupidity tipping point?

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Photo via Campus Progress

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