Thank Steve Jobs, Apple for Leaving Fox News & Standing Up to Glenn Beck

Steve-Jobs-Apple-Leave-Fox-NewsShow your support for Apple’s decision to ditch Fox News below.

Apparently, after Glenn Beck called President Obama a “racist” and progressivism “cancer,” some companies took notice and decided enough was enough. 33 companies, including Apple, told Fox they wanted their ads moved from Glenn Beck’s show to another advertising slot last August.

This didn’t cause a lot of trouble for Fox, I imagine, but with 200 companies joining the boycott and Apple deciding to remove its advertising from the Fox News Network altogether now, this is surely making a statement and an impact.

In order to encourage more outside-the-box corporate responsibility, Care2 has an action page set up where you can go and thank Steve Jobs and Apple for their courageous and honorable decisions on this issue.

Show your support for Apple, Steve Jobs and sensible television programming today. I just became the 16,013th person to sign the letter, but Care2 needs about 4,000 more signatures to reach its target.

Take action today.

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115 thoughts on “Thank Steve Jobs, Apple for Leaving Fox News & Standing Up to Glenn Beck”

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  2. It is befitting for corporations to take into consideration the negative reporting on Fox and then move their advertising to coporations that report news as it should be reported to the public without bias.

    Thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple for taking the initative to be responsible and not be a part of negative reporting on the White House.

    As AMERICANS, we can voice our disagreement of such bad behavior and we will not support nor go along with news organization who do this negative reporting to scare Americans.

  3. I loathe advertising so less of it anywhere is a good thing. But imagine someone makiing an actually decent product, but still so misunderstanding the forces of basic capitalism that he creates more jobs in the black market than the regular one. Go figure.

  4. What a hypocrite. Jobs and Gates both have taken a hefty profit and now that they are both wealthy beyond need, they are willing to dictate how the common folk should live. It's funny how these elitists are so quick to jump to the defense of the leftist communitarians when their livelihoods were based originally on good ole' capitalism. 200 companies – my ass! Let's see the list… You may have a few leftist idealist like Jobs who pretend some sort of principle but the majority of advertisers are simply looking at the exposure to potential customers. Corporate responsibility… that's a joke. I guess that's the same as Pelosi exercising legislative responsibility in ramming the health care bill down our throats.

  5. I watch FOX to find out all current events, very fair reporting shows both sides .
    When do we see that on other news stations? Maybe they do now I don't know because I don't watch them!

  6. LOLOLOL ya hey steve please take al gore off your board not sure if he is still on it or not give me beck over gore anyday.

  7. The difference between "the left" and "the right":
    The left attacks the right for making decisions the left believes are immoral.
    The right attacks anything they don't like and calls it the left.

  8. DEMOCRACY in action! Yes, we have freedom of speech, and we must remember it does come
    with responsibility and at times consequences.

  9. The fault lies on the people of this country who consistently and might I add addictively "return to the well" for sensationalism and propaganda on television.

    Television is not the problem. Peoples' investment in it as anything more than entertainment is the problem. In fact Glen Beck is an incredible actor and will always be entertaining.

    I don't care what corporations pull ads. People will still be watching Glen Beck. And if for some reason this grand message sent to Fox gets through, it's only a matter of time before the next puppet appears.

  10. Steven Stents

    This is not corporate responsibility, this is close mindedness. Steve, are you afraid of any opinion that is different than your own? There isn't anything to be afraid of Glenn Beck, Steve, he will not bite you. He will only tell you something you may not want to hear.

  11. @Daniel: Well we certainly wouldn't want the government to be run by someone smart, but thank you for explaining the popularity of Sara Palin, as she is as far from an intellectual as they come.

  12. Anyone who has read history knows the progressive movement is merely a threadbare cover over an attempt to consolidate political power in the hands of the "intellectual elites" while simultaneously creating a permanent underclass of dependent victims.

  13. Thank you for letting us know that Apple has taken this stance. Now all of us who disagree with Jobs can quit buying Apple products. I would like to see a list of the other corporations who have followed Jobs bandwagon, as I will "boycott" them too.
    And for those of you putting Beck down; do you really think he would put his show on the air with knowing his stuff beforehand? I believe him WAY before I believe our liar in chief who is sitting in our White House (yah, the one who was going to be the most TRANSPARENT president in history, yet he continues to hide behind his myriad of lawyers to hide his past.) So, thanks, APPLE, but no thanks.

  14. RedWhiteandBlue

    Fortunatley I choose not bow at the Apple alter. Go Glenn Beck promote more and more TRUTH!!! Furthermore Apple will soon be a washed out "has-been" thanks new fesh better more intuitive offerings from Google.

  15. Bye Bye Apple! Take your toys and go home!LOL I will boycott any company that pulls out of Fox and Beck because I can't stand people who don't think we don't have the sense to make our own educated decisions. I have watched a few of Becks shows and he hits on some things that they don't want to know or don't want people to figure out! They are scared! Better to have the info. and it not happen than to be dumbfounded when it does!

  16. Johnny Rivera

    Good going Apple, I will consider Apples for next eletronic purchase. The Fox network's agenda is to feed Americans a huge dose of misguided information which serves the Right's interest.

  17. What ever happened to free speech and lively thoughtful debate! If you disagree with Glenn Beck, then refute what he has said with facts, names dates and places! If you simply try to silence him, then it appears that you are simply weak arguments and can't stand on your own two feet in the debate game. If you can't do that and you have researched the subject, then perhaps you need to change your evaluation of Mr. Beck because you learned the facts and the facts bear out his words. TRUTH is the way to win, NOT botcotts!!!

    1. At least you're taking a reasonable tone about it. But a boycott isn't about silencing someone. It's about voting with your dollars, which is a very conservative principle.

      1. I agree, but we need to debate these issue before making rash decisions of whether or not Glenn Beck is right or wrong! You can not deny that he believes what he is saying and does his research!


  19. Really, 20000 names are going to make a difference in a nation of 300,000,000! That is hilarious! It would be easy to find 20000 left wing activists to sign such a petition! These are the people who don't have jobs, work for ACORN,, the Huffington Post, and Media matters! How rediculous and to think they are trying to silence FREE SPEECH!!

    Instead of boycotting the show and FOX News, how about engaging in lively debate! No Idiots, you can't do that so you try to shut up the truth! How Pathetic!!!

  20. Are you kidding me? Glenn Beck is the most watched newscaster in the country. The people at Fox News have more common sense than the Obama administration has ever shown. If anything, Steve Jobs has just convinced me not to buy his products.

  21. Apparently Beck is correct, it is obvious that Obama's Progressivism has has reached the media and corporations that don't buy into his program of total control if the message isn't what the Obama Administration cares to hear. Who the heck is PlanetSave anyway, some sort of new media source from Cass Sustein who heavily influences Obama policy. Beck has been right on point and it is disgusting that this Administration can't give honest answers to the questions he has asked of Obama and the people he has surrounding him. People seem to forget that Obama ASKED for people to see who he associates with during the election. WAKE UP AMERICA, YOUR COUNTRY AND FREEDOMS ARE BEING SLOWLY TAKEN FROM YOU LITTLE BY LITTLE!!!

  22. what a joke. I watch glen and listen to him daily and he has never called him a racist and apple doesn't even advertise on his show and i don't think ever did. all lies! Anything to shut down the truth!

  23. Jason Rinehart

    ROFL! What a load of crap.

    Steve Jobs didn't want to remove his advertising from Fox News Channel..just Glenn Beck's time slot


    Sounds like Jobs needs a cheaper time slot, and he's trying to save face in doing it.

    Let him go to MSNBC…I'm sure one their twelve communist scumbag viewers will eventually watch one of little Stevie's ads. BWAhahaha!!!

  24. MacGirlNoMore

    Well, as a 100% Mac Family….I guess we will need to rethink that.
    All of my fellow Mac families are Fox Watching conservatives too.
    Even more so, all of us that own Macs seems to be families where the head of the households works about 80 hours a week to stay ahead. Why would Apple make such a stupid move?
    The hard workers are the ones who can buy Macs!

    My political party may not be perfect, and that's why I vote libertarian a lot…..
    but at least we don't go to great lengths to take down messengers.

    Democrats say things all the time that I don't like or agree with but I don't give it a second thought.
    I would NEVER form a campaign to shut them up.

    Democrats will soon be known for what they are against instead of what they are for.
    How sad………..

  25. thank you steve job to stand up to glen beck and fox. u are my fan 4ever i will support apple if financially possible. finally some 1 stood. when glen beck said those think he should have llok in the mirror o

  26. Apple who? Other companies who? Just as easily as they can pull the – I can stop buying. GO GLEN BECK GO FOX NEWS! I guess these people can't handle the truth.

  27. Glen Beck is the most up front media we hear today. He tells the people what is going on. Many don't like him because they are afraid of the truth. They want to think that Obama is the best president we ever had, and is doing what is good for the country. While there is muslims training camps in this country and nothing is being done about it because he is a muslim himself and wants them to take over.



  29. Simply watching Glen Beck in the Racist Fox Network, any sane person will realize Glen is the biggest Racist in today's Media world. It is so sad to see there are so many fellow citizens continue to support Glan's ranting and ravings filled Hateful Utterings. Glen is Conservatives worst nightmare who can utter damages to whatever the conservative movement stands for. It is so sad to see so many of us conclude Racism exists and perhaps always will. Let us Keep the faith, we shall Overcome one day. It is amazing our free society allows a foreigner like Rupert Murdock thru his Fox Network, propogate 24 hours of hate filled dialogue daily, hour after hour .

    1. You lost me at any sane person will realize. You are are afraid of different points of view And it fits that you would would want to shut down a a venue that you dont agree with, The left calls the truth scary and it should not be brought up or it will offend the protected classes or some entity.

  30. I actually watched his show once,but I graduated from high school and have better things to do with my time.
    Beck is another example of the damage that drugs and alcohol can do to your brain.

  31. I'm no fan of Obama's but even less of Fox, whose 2nd largest owner is, THE SAUD FAMILY (Saudi Arabian royal family), who stand for no interruption of their oil revenue and are 'grooming' American Sharia under their worldwide Caliphate, (which is why religious wing-nuts get so much airplay from Fox. Their agenda and dogma are really close. That's also why you'll never hear criticism of the oil cartels on the Fox Network, catastrophic oil spills notwithstanding..

    So, to all of you "Only True American more-right-wing-than thou PATRIOTS", shooting off your knuckle-headed mouths, who are going to counter-boycott by boycotting Apple, You're throwing your lot in with interests whose agenda is TREASONOUS to this country and all that it stands for. Follow the money trail if you don't believe any of this.

    1. FOX being partially owned by the Saud family is a HUGE potential conflict of interest. I wonder why that's not a bigger meme for reasonable voices out there?

  32. Not to sound ignorant, but I really do hate siding with mainstream liberals; however, Beck really is pathetic. He's not "exposing" anything, he's just a little mislead (by "a little," I mean "a lot"). The sad thing is that I don't even think he does or says these things for the ratings. He's not a run-of-the-mill, right-wing pundit. I really think Glenn Beck may be mentally unstable. I'll stick with Bill O'Reilly. Not much difference, but he's so freakin' cool!……… (and less phony…………… much less)

  33. Fox "news" is political theater and nothing more. I need to take a McCain and wipe my Palin – nope just a fart!

  34. It's amazing – it's OK for the Left and the mainstream media to call anyone who disagrees with them racists yet when the facts are shown and the proof is laid out, it is the Left who are truly the racists and use the race card to divide. They want to shut down any opposing views – not so Fox – they provide both sides. The don't try to force people off the radio or close down papers – the public decides through their own free choice who to watch and who to listen to and that's why the Left and the mainstream media have such low ratings and that's why they don't want "free" choice – and that people….is what the Nazis did! They controlled the media and what information got out there. Steve Jobs is trying to shut down a form of information that he doesn't like – I don't think it will work – and I for one, will boycott Steve Jobs and his company – freedom works both ways!!!

    1. really, that comment makes me want to cry. If you truly believed in america "capitalism" then all you would see is steve jobs not supporting a program he doesn't agree with his money. where in that article does it say steve job demanded the show shut down. god damn you are an idiot.

  35. The liberal elitist think they have the control. Not so. The 'little people' see the truth because their eyes are not clouded by corruption. Another reason for me and my family not to support APPLE and purchase any of their products. People are tired of having their views skewed by whomever holds all the purse strings of the government.
    Beck speaks the truth. No one in the bHo administration can prove what Beck researches and shares is out of the realm of truth. Progressivism is slowly destroying this country.

  36. How about a complete list so we can boycott all the companies including Apple! Thank you Apple for letting us know where you stand on politics. I guess they didn't notice how many people disapprove of Oblahblah or how he name calls….Apple must have missed the viewer numbers for FOX too…boy they just shrank their customer base!

  37. GO APPLE! If Fox news was really fair and balanced you'd think they'd have some truly liberal supporters instead of so called 'conservative liberals'.

  38. Its about time a corporation took a stand. These hate filled comments are so unecessary and beyond the news that for others to hide behind the free speech amendment as reasons for it are unbelievable.

    Enough is enough!

    1. Thank you Angela Adams!!!

      Name calling is not necessary at all!!! We sound ghetto to the third world countries! Yet, we claim to be sophisticated and civilized!! How???

      If you are sincerely against a certain stand then voice your stand in an educated manner because you represent the entire country!

      These people pay for college education to get a degree in journalism, and all of the sudden they talk illiterate, using poor language!! It is nauseating!!

  39. Like this will really really really put any dent in Becks and Foxs popularity I don't think so..if anything all these liberal leaning turds and their ads are better off not advertised here but moved to venezuela Hugo can use all of you as a@#$w#$%@ ..Beck will continue to illuminate and uphold the CONSTITUTION OF THIS GREAT U S A..a nd if you feel threaten by it move to your prefered socialist country of choice along with all the ungratefull folks whom have beneffited from our way of God given freedom..God Bless The USA..


    At least glenn beck actually has proof on every comment he makes.Sorry lame stream media that your ratings are tanking,maybe if you actually did reporting on the news and not kiss husseins bottom maybe your ratings will improve and be ranked #3 .

    1. Proof??? Beck's fake investigations, strip quoting, grand standing, emotional appeals, gross distortion, misinterpertation of the Constitution, babble, no viable options, ignoring historical events and facts…. You have a funny defination of proof. Alligations and opinion are not proof.

    2. Um Sharla, by "lame stream media" I'm sure you mean mainstream media. If that is the case I hate to break it to you, but Fox is the most mainstream of all media outlets. It is the number 1 news channel if that is not mainstream I don't know what is. I know, now that we have a left of center President every ultra-right wing nut thinks they are rebels ready to "take back there country" and that you guy think you are so "underground" and "grassroots". However the truth is that fox news will never be the "voice of freedom" you think it is. It is simply a megaphone for the economically liberal, socially fascist elite of this country. It is no better than Xinhua news, the voice of the Chinese Communist Party. Fox is no more a voice of freedom than Xinhua and is about as unbiased as them as well. Sharla get your head out of your ass, you are not a freedom fighter, none of you moronic bigots are. You are scared ignorant yokels that fear anything different and cling to the flawed notion that America was fine the way it was 50 years ago. You guys are a joke you know that?

  41. I will stop buying Apple also, no skin off my teeth! There are just as many good if not better products out there. Apple is a rip off any way they get people to buy their products then upgrade within 3 months .Jobs is just another progressive marxist

  42. im going to sell every apple product i have and i want to see the list of companies that wussed out.. you guys are not america. the people are and we will just stop buying your chinese made junk. JERKS

    1. Ah man, if you are a real hard core right winged nazi, don't sell it, burn it. Beck is a GD idiot. The mentality of the minions in this country amazes me.

  43. Beck is exposing the corruption and billionaires don't like it. The new , twit, Apple's liberal CEO is just another Bill Gates with government connections allowing him to SUCK money out of the government….and no one can stop him. Do you folks realize the power of a 100 billion GOVERNMENT contract, given to one company, with just a handful of Senators approving it ????? It should be criminal.

    1. Jason Rinehart

      psst…don't tell the liberals won't compute.

      No one said this on MSNBC or HuffPoop so they are physically and mentally unable to comprehend it.


    Who are the 200 companies so I can boycott them.Seems funny pelosi and gang can call americans teapartiers racists,nazi and unamerican but hussein and company have a problem when thrown back.If you cant stand the heat GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN

      1. Nazis' still exist in this country and in Germany. Call them what they are, but do not use the word lightly and against people who are just the opposite of what that word means.

        Glenn Beck is paid to say the most outrageous things to people who are obviously retarded and poorly educated. He can be compared to the WWE and the bunch of mindless fools who enjoy fake wrestling with big-mouthed behemoths speaking jibber-jabber.

    1. Seamus O'Reilly

      Isn't this like the deaf leading the blind? Look up the 200 companies, you lazy cow, don't ask your fellow morons to do the work for you!

    2. double standards for the democrats. It scares me that this administration keeps knocking FOX news. What happend to free speech? I watch Fox, have the democrats never seen Oberman?

  45. The problem here is that the large corporations which are ran by the elite left are trying to shut down the truth.
    Obama is a racist and a separatist he believes in multi culture first instead of unity first. He uses the races as a demographic pool for votes . This is a racist act and causes seperation..


    1. Halliburton is run by the left? Koch Industries is run by the left? Walmart is run by the left? Multiculturalism and unity are not mutually exclusive. You should get your information from as many different sources as possible, not a few that all tell you the same thing.

      1. I agree , POST should have read corporations THAT are ran by the left.
        So you agree you should not shut down news or opinion sources just because you dont agree?

        I am watching MSNBC to see the left wing progressive view as I am writing this post . I dont agree with the views but I believe it should sink or swim off of viewer ship not rich people that have right wing opinions.

        Get It now? Dont mess with the press.

        1. Once again Apple along with other corporations are not shutting down the news. They do not agree with what is being said and they do not want there products to be viewed in correlation with what has been said. Hence moving to another networks and other time slots to avoid such things. It is the same as a church not wanting to have a small spot in between episodes of Jersey Shore or some crap like that. It's is not the liberals trying to shut down freedom of speech or to derail the news. It's like you people don't think at all before you type.

    2. All multinational corporations are generally right-wing types. They all work together to shape this country the way they want it. It's just that Glenn Beck types go too far in their very spiteful vicious attacks on everyone but those like themselves. He and his kind are the parasites of the earth feeding off everyone like psychopaths with voracious appetites.
      Glenn Beck speaks to the most darkest and evil racists, and egotistical retards of the country. He should be silenced from the airways like the corporations silence the brilliant professors etc. who speak truth to power!

      1. I have seen your post's elswhere and you are a true left wing racist whacko . You are a great example of a persons history is stuck on institutunalized slavery and Jim Crow.
        Through your hate you don't see that milions of people white and black have sufferd for you to become a free thinker. But yet you still choose to be handled by the left wing progressives.

        It;s time for you to set yourself free and walk away from your masters. Become a free thinker not a left wing progressive that advances it's agenda off the backs of the minorities throughout our nation.

    3. Seamus O'Reilly

      You're an idiot. If elite means not being an idiot like you, then I'll take elite over idiot any day. If you want the truth, try reading a book or two, start with a dictionary.

      It's sad that in my beloved USA, there's a political movement comprised of complete morons who are actually proud of the fact that they reason below the 2nd grade level. Are you teabaggers so poorly educated that you can't even express your ill-formed and logically malignant thoughts in complete and grammatically correct sentences? I'm looking at you SHARLA WHITMAN. We can stand the heat honey, and we're STAYING IN THE KITCHEN, now why don't you go stick your head in the oven. Put it somewhere, that it will do some good, you're obviously not using it for anything else. There's a lot of hungry elitists out here, and we love Twinkie grazed morons for dinner!

      No wonder Glen Beck has such a hold on you! I bet if I waved a shiny object in front of your faces, I'd have a hold on you too.

      1. mOOOOOR ONNNN. Great way to start a post . You obviously portray yourself as someone that is above everyone else .Pathetic factoid is that you are not. If you want a response that is positive no matter what the education level is. Try using some of your vast knowledge to educate instead of belittling .
        Lot of books out that deal with self esteem I suggest you purchase one.

        Oh and by the way, I have met Tea Party people of all generations and backgrounds , All are average Americans that get up and go to work and school everyday . They are concerned Americans that love our nation.

    4. You don"t know what racism is if you think that Obama is a racist. However, I agree that the corporations run not only this country but the world and the lay citizens are the ones that suffer for their actions so get a grip and allow Obama to do his job. By the way Thank you Apple for pulling you ads.

    5. It is said, "the truth will set you free", but, "not before it pisses you off". It is not a secret that Obama has a love-affair with the Muslim nations and peoples. Since his time in office, Obama has provided numerous "freebies" to Muslim people, as well as bringing them to this country in the thousands (free)- while the majority of us continue to work hard. Check out "Dhimmitude", see how this sits with you. Obama shows overt favoritism to Muslims' at the behest of the real "Americans".
      Diversity & Multiculturalism are the words of our generation, yet, we simply do not (collectively) "get-along", Is this an intentional plan? Why? Because if we are too busy fighting amongst ourselves, we cannot focus on what is really going on in our world, and how we are being exploited for the "Grand-Wizard." Wake up and see the light my friends!

    6. LOL you honestly think its just the democrats that target specific racial demographics to get more votes? You teabagger nut jobs get crazier and more deluded every day.

  46. I love this! And I am thrilled to see this type of corporate responsibility. Companies have a lot of power behind their advertising dollars. I'm glad I use Apple products. I signed the letter!


      Remember what goes around comes around .

      1. Jobs isn't shutting down the news. He and Apple have a right to advertise where they choose, when they choose. And obviously, Jobs does not share Beck's point of view. You can present a differing opinion without name calling and provoking fear. Beck's MO is to instill fear and hatred in America. I applaud Apple for taking a stand.

        1. By calling Obama a racist is name calling to you but to more enlightened Americans it is information . The truth, if it instills fear then so be it . Who are you that you can determine what should be said . Don't be a hypocrite. If Obama uses race to further his agenda . .Yes he is a racist . He is furthering his ambitions off the backs of Jim Crow and institutionalized slavery.. This is despicable act that passes because he is the protected one through the biased left press.

      2. First of all, Fox News is not news. Secondly, Jobs is tossing out ad money. He can do with his money as he pleases. He can support any ideology he wants. He has that right and freedom. Lastly, Glenn Beck doesn't even believe his own rhetoric. He likes to abuse and prey on the ignorant. He is merely a shock jock…

      3. Yes, but if a company advertizes on a klan leaders show, people will think the company supports the kkk.

      4. Yes your right, So Apple just expressed their Opinion, Glenn Beck is just a Nut and they know it, So they don't want their products advertised on his show, This doesn't take away Glenn Beck's right to freedom of speech it just shows they don't support his stupid opinions along with most people who have a brain, I'm surprised anyone my age would watch Fox News, Fox News is for people who don't understand what is going on in America and Fox News helped bring most of the Problems along with Bush, Clinton, Bush, America has been sold out by the News, Bush sr. said We are Now in a New World Order then drew up the plan for NAFTA, Bill Clinton signed NAFTA while Bush sr. stood over his shoulder, Bill Clinton Voted for China to get Favorite Nation Trading Stutus at the U.N., Bush Jr Outsourced all the American Jobs, Now the New World Order is more than just 3 words that the American People don't understand!

        1. There is a huge difference between name calling and freedom of speech!!!

          You will be taken to court for defamation of character and slander!

          We need genuine and wise people to run this country! People who can lead the world to a better place!

          We used to be known for the "Sky is the limit" Now we are known for NAME CALLING AND SLANDERING EACH OTHER!

          Very sad!

        2. Let viewership determine , Not left wing agendas.

          It is funny how the left wingers fear is government control only when the GOP is in control. But when the left wing liberals are in control of government they are all for it. Sad thing here is that they set themselves up and are to stupid to know it.

    2. I agree! Steve Jobs is one of the most intelligent people on the planet. My house is full of Apple products, always has been and always will be. If he chooses to pull Apple advertising from Fox News, he certainly has the right to do so without being ostracized by a bunch of moronic sheep. They are his advertising dollars and they are best spent where intelligent people will see the ads.

    3. Name calling people isn't the truth, at all!!!! Calling somebody's wife a chimp!!! You call that the truth? Calling any commander in chief a racist is outrageous!!!

      Why did we elect him to be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, then??!!!

      Let us get real, here!

      I am all Apple!!! And, I will make sure to buy more & more Apple products for their common sense!!!

      Name calling anyone isn't how you do business! You go Apple!!! Thank you Steve Jobs!!

      We need smart people, especially businesses, to lead this country in the right direction!

      We only have two parties to choose from, anyway! They both make unforgettable & unforgivable mistakes but, to name call them and their families will not solve any problems! In fact, we have so many!!!

      The world used to look up to us now, the soon to be a global village is laughing at us! It is really sad!

      Enough Is Enough!!!

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