Anonymous Takes on Monsanto

I shared this story with the editor/director of Eat Drink Better, Becky Striepe, and let her do the legwork of writing up a piece on it. Now, here’s the intro to Becky’s piece, which covers the Anonymous–Monsanto news (following this, Becky went on to discuss some ways you can take action to oppose Monsanto — click the link above for that):

anonymous monsanto

The hacker group Anonymous has once again sent a message to Monsanto, and now they’re releasing hacked information from the company’s database.

Anonymous posted an open letter to Monsanto, along with the hacked data, at Pastebin:


Your continued attack on the worlds food supply, as well as the health of those who eat it, has earned you our full attention. Your crimes against humanity are too many to name on one page, you have put over 9000 small-time farmers out of business by usingyour enourmous legal team to bury them with your malicious patent lawsuits. You have continually introduced harmful, even deadlyproducts into our food supply without warning, without care, all for your own profit.

We are aware that posting this outdated database will do little to harm you. Rest assured, we will continue to dox your employees and executives, continue to knock down your websites, continue to fry your mail servers, continue to be in your systems, and continue to expose your bullshit.

Expect Us

This isn’t the first time that Anonymous has called out Monsanto for the company’s terrible track record and seeming disregard for our food safety. They launched an attack on the biotech giant back in July. Here’s the most recent video from Anonymous:

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