Anonymous Gives Monsanto Warning and then Attacks {Videos}

Here on Planetsave we have reported a lot lately on Monsanto and its corporate corruption. Now it seems that Monsanto has drawn the attention of the hacker group Anonymous.

Recently, Anonymous made a video sending a message to Monsanto over its GMO products and corporate tyranny. Its message to Monsanto is simple — watch it below:

To get its message across to Monsanto Anonymous shut down its website in a matter of minutes. Watch this video below, on how easily they did it.

In another related incident, Anonymous is reported to have hacked Monsanto’s site and it released the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of over 2,500 Monsanto employees and affiliates.

Should Monsanto be worried about the threat of Anonymous? After watching these videos, I think so.

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Photo Credit: wikimedia commons

8 thoughts on “Anonymous Gives Monsanto Warning and then Attacks {Videos}”

    1. Anotherandomvoice

      Yes. Monsanto ARE terrorists and extremists.

      They terrorize any competitors and go to extreme methods to ensure that THEY are the sole suppliers to farmers all across the nation and all over the planet.
      Monsanto will sue farmers for patent infringement when MONSANTO pollen contaminates other farmer’s plants.
      They will lobby millions of dollars to buy off government officials and force competitors out of areas.
      They create and sell genetically modified seeds that have not been properly tested for long-term viability or for possible health effects.
      They have created chemical weapons used against civilians.

      Someone should perp walk these terrorists.

  1. That is the best news story, I have read, all day. I dont know who they are, but I am greatful, they exist. I keep my fingers crossed, they are never found out. Hero’s is what they are.

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