Animal Rights Activists Now Considered Terrorists — Filing Lawsuit to Get Their 1st Amendment Rights Back


Animal rights activists have been threatened by a new law, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), that seems to violate our 1st Amendment rights (allowing the government to give protesters the label “terrorist”). Now, they are fighting back. A group of activists have filed a federal lawsuit opposed to the act.

“Plaintiffs Sarahjane Blum and Iver “J” Johnson, who have both been animal rights activists for more than a decade, said AETA intimidated activists into silence and squashed their movement,” Truthout reports.

“I spent years uncovering conditions on foie gras farms and educating the public about the way ducks and geese are abused,” said Blum. “I no longer feel free to speak my mind on these issues out of fear that my advocacy could actually convince people to stop eating foie gras – affecting those businesses’ bottom line and turning me into an animal enterprise terrorist.”

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