An In-Depth Look at EMFs

I love the work of Kristen Farquhar and feature her Environmental Music Films here on Planetsave whenever a new on comes out. Recently, she got invited to have her films screened at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. So, in honor of that, beyond just featuring one of her films, here is much more from Kristen on what she is doing and why. Enjoy.

What is an Environmental Music Film?

It is an EMF – a short ElectroMagnetic Frequency designed to stir the hearts and minds of many.

What is its purpose?

Its purpose is to try and get people to feel and think about their relationships to the land, the water and the air of this world, their relationship with Self and with others, with the hope that they will take on a new perspective, a new consciousness, one of hope, that WE CAN DO THIS! We can care for ourselves, each other, the planet, and all our relations in this time of great change. In different words, EMFs are a type/style of education; however, EMFs require the whole body to receive meaning. They offer an opportunity to get information deeply, on many levels, through symbology and conscious sound depending on the opening of the HeartMind (see: The Institute of Heart Math and the global coherence initiative).

We’re living in a time of huge change. This is confirmed through science, through Tribal Wisdom (their stories and records), and through the Wisdom of the Ages — that which was written in clay, stone, and papyrus leaves thousands of years ago. It’s a fact. In this realization… there is information overload. I know — this is my journey too. It’s called, “too much information.”

We, as a global society, are overwhelmed with data. What does that do to the human psyche? More often than not, because we feel we can do nothing personally to change the outcome of events, we shut off, get numb, pull the curtains, and do the basics: water, food, shelter.

Here we tie in with some fantastic reporting by Planetsave… your piece, “Why People Don’t Care,” strikes right at the heart of the issue. If people don’t care, how can (we) involve them in environmental activism?

Most people do care about the environment when asked, you point out, but when it comes to doing something about anything… “People spend their time on entertainment.”

I believe this is true; however, this is not to be judged, or called, “bad” behavior. Many of us are just over-done…. [editor’s note: i fully agree]

(Also, the video you put up by John Marshall Roberts, “The Global Urgency of Everyday Empathy,” is excellent! JM Roberts speaks volumes about the subject of “caring” as a species. I highly recommend anyone reading listen to/watch the entire film.)

People have to care before they are willing to act. So the question is, “How do we get people to care?” We get them to care through a consciousness change. (We) make information entertaining. Fun!

Indigenous cultures around the world knew this… They told of their medicines, knowledge, and Creation through entertaining stories…, and because the children and the adults liked the stories, they expressed them through dance and art, and made the information “their own.” Thus, the information did not die; it was passed in joy and honor generation after generation.

As we move through (possible) times of crisis, may we learn to settle, and come to peace with our own individual worlds through deep breathing, emotional integrity (Candice Pert), and conscious thought, thus we can offer our service to others, and the Earth, in a more balanced way. If the Earth was really our mother (our physicality: clay, trace minerals, salts, water/blood, etc.), I think she would be happy.

With this thought in mind, let us turn our focus more to the artists, musicians, dancers, and comedians of our time as a way to deal, integrate, and remove stress from our lives. Perhaps through laughter, joy, and movement we may not only find a better way to live, we just may create it.



Conscious Life Expo — Program Guide 2011

Environmental Music Films *EMF will be screened at 10:30 am on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, California at the LAX-Hilton.

EMF: “Nin.mah: Lady Mother – Trail of Tears 2011” shown at the honorable Zecharia Sitchin’s Memorial Tribute Lecture on Sunday Feb. 13. 2011 at 9:30 am

EMF: “SIRIUS” opens Drunvalo Melchezidek’s workshop same day at 12:00 pm

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