Americans Catching Up — Seeing the Link between Global Warming & Extreme Weather


The News: Americans are becoming more and more aware of global warming’s link to extreme weather, and some of the extreme concerns of global warming. “Americans are starting to trust the evidence of their own senses about the growing impacts of climate change, instead of the barrage of misinformation and confusion that comes from media sources,” Brad Johnson of Think Progress write. “A new poll from the Brookings Institution shows that a strong majority of the American public agree that there is ‘solid evidence that average temperatures on earth have been getting warmer over the past four decades,’ and ‘about half of Americans now point toobservations of temperature changes and weather as the main reasons they believe global warming is taking place’.”

Why This is Important: Global warming is happening and causes super extreme weather. We are BARELY starting to see this, but we will see it much more in the coming decades and, if we don’t take serious action now, our kids will get nailed with it.

Opportunity for Action: Live The Green Life! (It’s better in so many other ways anyway.) And, spread this news around — more people need to see it.

Source: Think Progress

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