Spanish Judge Says Greenpeace Vandalism Was Legal

In another court victory for Greenpeace, a judge in Almeria, Spain ruled that activists were merely expressing their opinion when, in 2006, they painted the words “Hotel Ilegal” and “Demolicion” in letters nearly twenty feet high on a hotel being built without permits on sensitive land.


“They only served to highlight Greenpeace’s disapproval of the works that were taking place,” wrote the court, adding that no violence or disruption was caused by the vandalism.

The hotel owners Azata del Sol sued the action’s organizer Maria Jose Caballero in criminal court  for defamation, criminal damage, and coercion. In addition to the acts of vandalism, the argued that the entire campaign against the hotel was illegal and defamatory.

“The judiciary has once again found against the legality of the Algarrobico hotel,” Caballero said. “This makes us all extremely happy. The Junta and the Environment Ministry cannot continue turning their backs to this problem. They must demolish the hotel immediately.”

Photo Credit: Greenpeace Espana

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