Alicia Silverstone Naked PETA Video & Pamela Anderson In New PETA Ads — What Do You Think?

What do you think of the new PETA ads — a naked Alicia Silverstone video PSA and another nearly naked Pamela Anderson ad? Are they useful and positive or degrading and harmful?

PETA has gotten a lot of attention due to its controversial Go Vegetarian ads featuring naked or nearly naked models and actresses over the years. Some people love them, and some think they are completely degrading to women. What’s your take on these ads?

Two of the newest are “PETA’s first-ever naked veggie testimonial PSA” featuring Alicia Silverstone and one featuring an extremely airbrushed Pamela Anderson.

Personally, I don’t really see anything wrong with these except for the extreme airbrushing of Pamela Anderson that I think makes girls and women everywhere think that they should look so “perfect.”

The ads are bringing more attention to the important cause of vegetarianism. If they make more people eat more vegetarian food and less meat, I think that is surely a good thing.

And the women, in these ads at least, look strong and confident.

But I know others have a different view. What’s your take on these ads?

12 thoughts on “Alicia Silverstone Naked PETA Video & Pamela Anderson In New PETA Ads — What Do You Think?”

  1. Strong and confident? How do you define that exactly? Their ability to titilate the male member? Please. A strong and confident woman uses her mind, not her body or sex to get respect. Get real and wake up. These ads are using misogyny and sexism to advocate animal rights. It’s like using racism to advocate climate change alternatives. Women should be valued for who they ARE not what they look like. And these ads are terribly degrading propaganda. If you don’t “see” that, then it’s just a measure of how thoroughly indoctrinated you are into the sexist mindset.

  2. Not everyone is meant for every diet out there. I know that I turn carnivorously frantic if I haven’t eaten meat in a while. There was a study done on rats and the vegetarian ones got into more fights than the ones whose diets also included meat. But I do think that our society eats way too much meat. I have also read another study that pointed out that the vegetarians in their study developed grey hair at a younger age. My main theory for why people feel so lagged after eating is that we eat too much every sitting. Less food more often and proper food combinations will give you more energy. People probably feel more energy from their veggie diets more because they aren’t mixing heavy amounts of protein and iron with easy carbs anymore.

    1. I think you are correct. We do eat too much meat. While I don’t support going veggie (I don’t opposite-of-support it either), I think we could live with less meat.

      But saying this makes me a hypocrite, because I like meat and I eat it every day. Which I guess is bad and will make me fat.

      1. well, identifying the issue is the first step. minor changes to your weekly eating habits could make a significant difference, no need to feel like you aren’t up to it.. just takes a little bit of interest and ‘effort’ 😀

  3. She says that she has so much more energy, but it’s scientifically proven that meat provides much more energy, so therefore she should have less. I’m all for vegetarianism, but at least get the facts right.

    1. @Violet, i’ve never seen any scientific proof of that. & I don’t think it is true at all. You hear these testimonials repeatedly from people who have switched over, and top athletes even switch to vegetarian or vegan diets for more energy. Carl Lewis (named “athlete of the century” last century), Ricky Williams, Billie Jean King, and numerous other top athletes live or lived on such diets. The ADA doesn’t just approve of the diet any longer, but recommends it. Could you pass on info to support your claim above?

  4. People are not animals as the misguided PETA folks wish us to believe. How do we know that. Simple: animals do not abort their babies. Only higher intelligent humans do that. See below.

    Letter to the Editor, 10/06/07

    Dear Editor:

    The headlines on the Wed. Oct. 3 edition of the Massillon Independent read as follows:

    PETB up in arms over killing of baby at local abortion clinic. Baby rights group demands investigation of—— oops, stop. I don’t have this right. Oh, it was PETA, and the article was about the killing of a sick raccoon. Now that makes more sense because, obviously, animals are much more important than humans.

    Humans come from babies, those misdiagnosed “little blobs of tissue”, that we often hear about from Planned Parenthood, when they “inconveniently” show up in the womb, and somehow, if they are lucky, manage to be born and turn into people.

    There was one word in the above story that is very applicable to much of our society today: and that word is “sick”.

    When we can print a front page headline about the supposedly unjust killing of a sick animal and yet ignore the far more tragic story of the over 4000 babies who are “legally exterminated” in their mothers womb every day in this country, it is obvious that our society is morally “sick”.

    Abortion may be legal, but that does not make it right. We would all do well to remember that in 1939, in Nazi Germany, It was “Legal” to exterminate Jewish people. Today, Hitler’s atrocities seem mild when compared to those of Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry.

    Interestingly, the night before, our family has just watched a movie called ”Tilly”, which is based on a novel by Frank Petetti. Tilly is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness; it is the story about a little girl that society decided was worth less than PETA’s raccoon.

    I would invite anyone who cares about human life to get a copy of this film and view it. It would be even better if all those who “don’t care” would watch it.


    1. That is actually not true. First, yes, people are animals, too. Seriously, we are mammals. Scientifically-proven.

      Second, Rabbits and other species will “absorb” their fetuses when the conditions are not right. Hyenas will kill their twin after birth so as to not to compete for resources. Some primates, lions, tigers and other species of the male sex will kill young that they have not sired. Birds will abandon eggs and chicks. Actually, many species will abandon babies that are deformed or deemed “not right” – leaving them to starve.

      So, as you can see many, many specious kill their young/siblings for various reasons. Why would humans, fellow animals ourselves, be any different? They wouldn’t.

      I, for one, am more about “quality of life” than quantity. Anyone can have a baby, but it takes hard work to properly provide and care for one. For example, why are so many children abused, tortured and murdered by their parents? Why are so many abandoned and not adopted or fostered, some stuck their entire adolescent life in group homes? To me, these are the most pressing issues children face.

      I think we should focus on the children already in our midst without a loving, caring home. I’ll ask you what I ask every “pro-lifer”: “How many kids have you adopted? Fostered? Saved from a dangerous family life?” If you can’t answer yes to any of these, then maybe it is YOU that needs to reassess YOUR priorities.

      Additionally, caring for children and animals is not mutually exclusive – you can do both. And, like me, many do.

  5. vegatarianism isn’t very healthy. humans were not built to be vegetarians. our teeth say so. we’re supposed to be omnivores. and that we are. though eating less meat is certainly healthy.

    1. @ Neolex the American Dietic Association used to say vegetarianism was an acceptable dietary option. it nows recommends it for health reasons. it seems the body was built for a vegetarian diet — look at the length of our intestines compared to meat-eating animals, look at how the human body responds to raw meat. i’ve got a fun video on this to share, but need to find it.

      1. We’ve been pussified by cooking and baking meat. We hate raw meat (the taste, the smell, the texture, the thought) (me included) and we might not be very good at digesting it (I don’t know if this is true, though).
        We are not omnivores (carnivores+herbivores), we are coxitcarnivores+herbivores).

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