Actress Lucy Lawless Scales Oil Rig with Greenpeace

lucy lawless greenpeace

The News: Greenpeace activists climbed a Shell oil drilling rig on a ship headed from New Zealand to the Arctic yesterday. One of those activists is actress Lucy Lawless.

“Climbers — including actress Lucy Lawless — have scaled the rig’s drill derrick and set up camp, equipped with enough gear to last for days,” Greenpeace writes.

“Using a solar-powered laptop, our brave activists will be posting updates and photos to the a live feed on the Greenpeace NZ home page.”

Why This is Important: Want an oil spill in the Arctic? (One that would be even much more difficult to clean up than anything we’ve seen elsewhere.) Didn’t think so.

Action Opportunity: Of course, you’ve got a a chance to take action, too. You can send a message to Shell telling it to stay out of the Arctic.

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