Activists: GM Deserves Bankruptcy for Climate Crimes

The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office has issued a statement against the proposed bailout for the ‘big 3’ automakers. In particular, the release voices their opposition to bailing out General Motors due to their resistance to improving fuel-efficiency.


“General Motors deserves bankruptcy,” said Jason Crawford, a press officer for the ELF. “Fully aware of America’s dependence on foreign oil and the horrific environmental impact of the Hummer—an 8,500-pound monstrosity that yields an average of 10-mpg—GM continued producing gas-guzzling, polluting vehicles.”

Crawford, who acts as an above-ground representative for the ELF, criticized GM for killing off their EV1 electric car in the ‘90s in order to promote the gas-guzzling Hummer H2. Meanwhile, foreign automakers like Toyota and Honda, which are in much better financial shape now, began working on more fuel-efficient vehicles like the Prius and Insight.

The ELF, a decentralized group ranked as the top ‘domestic terrorist’ threat by the FBI, is notorious for their arson attacks on car dealerships, housing developments, and other projects they deem to be intrusive or damaging to the environment. In 2003, they famously destroyed over 40 Hummers and other vehicles in California. The press office estimates that while no one has ever been physically harmed, the ELF has caused of $150 million in damages since their first action in the United States in 1996.

But Crawford said the tactics might not have been terribly effective.

“Instead of targeting Hummer and SUV dealerships over the last few years, the ELF should have put General Motors out of business years ago with well-placed incendiary devices in Detroit,” he said.

Photo Credit: Teknorat on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

4 thoughts on “Activists: GM Deserves Bankruptcy for Climate Crimes”

  1. Hummer sold to China for its U.S. patents, engineering! for peanuts! We soon face and America with no domestic car factories! Look at modern day Detroit city – a veritable Johannesburg! in less than a decade! See for yourself: Try to buy a ‘Merry Oldsmobile” in America today! dammit! GM(America) “Volt” after all the hype , still a vapor-ware car, rumored to be priced off the market the day it goes to market! Meanwhile, in China, the BYD “Volt” knock off has been successfully proven in Shanghai taxi service for over two years! Goddammit! It’s ready for Export too! and they have the factory capacity to flood the US with them! for Cheap! Funny, how GM( America) is on the dole, bankrupting as we speak, while GM(China) returns a 30% profit to American share holders on the Beijing, Shanghai and Hang Seng stock markets, in “Yuan” the “printing press safe” currency of the new economical world! Soup lines grow in America, Great numbers of “Unemployables” still looking for work, still breeding even more high caloric, huge meat intake, large biceps,fat bellied, strong, bigger, fatter-assed, strong backed, monster bodies with no sustainability and no jobs in sight! What can America do with these! Build Solar adventures? Re-train? Remember, they were not bred for brains, but brawn! Fear this build up America! This is your own portrait, you are one paycheck away from delisting, disenfranchisement, from even decent medical care by the American Medical Cartel! Did you ever think of that when you bought your “Jap Crap”? or your Hun-Meister BMW? Mercedes? How GM goes, so goes the nation! and we are going down fast!

  2. The oil companies screwed the car manufacturers AGAIN!!! They did the same exact thing in the 70’s. Doesn’t anyone remember that’s when Toyota came on the scene. Let the oil companies, bail them out. If we bail them out, then we own the companies. We get all the environmental activists to work with engineers to make cars that run on fuel cells, and every family in America gets one for FREE! How does that sound?

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