Activist Who Slimed British Minister Has Now Been Arrested

Leila Deen, a 29-year-old activist with the anti-aviation group Plane Stupid, has been arrested for the slime “attack” on a British minister last week after initially getting away without any repercussions.


Deen walked away after tossing green goo in the face of the British Secretary of State for Business. She was not immediately apprehended and even stopped in with the BBC for an interview later.

Secretary Peter Mandelson made a statement to the press after cleaning the goo off his face, and at the time he seemed to take the whole situation lightly and even cracked some jokes. However, later he seemed to take a more serious route.

“It could have been something nastier. It did actually leave a slight sort of irritation on my face,” he said on Sunday. “I was slightly surprised that she could just saunter off without being apprehended. It’s a bit surprising, but we do not live in a police state in Britain and thank goodness for it.”

Deen has been released on bail. It’s unclear what kind of charges she will face when she returns in April.

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4 thoughts on “Activist Who Slimed British Minister Has Now Been Arrested”

  1. I see that Ms Deen has been arrested.

    About bloody time.

    Not only was what she did puerile and infantile, it was also common assault.

  2. Most government officials are slime so this particular event should not be overly news worthy. Leila, nice work! Next time use a water pistol filled with slime from a distance so you have a get away 🙂

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