Top Activism Stories

Here are some top activism stories of the past day or so. Check ’em out:

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  1. Can This Man Save the Planet?
  2. Martin Luther King’s legacy and the power of nonviolent civil disobedience | Bill McKibben
  3. Dozens More Arrested in Tar Sands Pipeline Protests: Gulf Coast Residents Speak Out
  4. Tar Sands Action Day Six: ‘Fired Up! Ready To Go!’
  5. Nation’s Largest Environmental Organizations Stand Together To Oppose Oil Pipeline
  6. Greenpeace auction to raise money for new flagship Rainbow Warrior
  7. Report Released Analyzing Toxicity of Dispersants Used In Gulf Oil Disaster
  8. The risks of investing in Arctic oil drilling
  9. Colorado Residents Rally Against Big Oil Subsidies In The Face of Massive Cuts to Medicare
  10. California shark fin ban advances
  11. WikiLeaks: Bush Diplomat Asked For ‘Talking Points’ To Defend Monsanto Corruption
  12. Koch-Fueled Offshore Wind Study Still Doesn’t Fly
  13. Join Muscovites in their Twitter campaign to save Khimki Forest
  14. British crew become first to row to magnetic north pole
  15. Protesters dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse arrested at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank [Updated]
  16. Bad time down under for APP gets worse

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