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I was in the UK for 4 days to visit a friend and then to be interviewed by CNBC for it and Harvard Business Review’s Energy Opportunities series. So, fell a little behind on daily activism news. But here’s a roundup after catching up. A ton of great activism (using the term a little generously today) stories — check them out! (And, don’t forget, we’ve got live streaming of the 24 Hours of Reality event.)

24 hours of climate reality

Climate Change Activism

  1. Al Gore wants your Twitter account for climate push
  2. Just 24 Hours Until “24 Hours of Reality”!
  3. Obama Campaign Manager Greeted By Tar Sands Protesters At Harvard

Climate Science Activism

  1. 10 ways to melt the heart and brain of a climate change denier
  2. Diamond Planets, Climate Change and the Scientific Method
  3. Susan Hassol, Director of Climate Communication: The Science Has Never Been More Compelling, the Public Never So Misled
  4. Climate Scientists Defense Fund – Please Help
  5. SkepticalScience’s John Cook Wins Eureka Award For Advancement Of Climate Change Knowledge

Clean Transportation Activism

  1. Fight back against bike funding attack — action alert
  2. Climate Ride
  3. Copenhagenize Challenges…
  4. Mexico City cyclists rally to reclaim the streets
  5. Indonesia is off!
  6. Moving People for Moving Planet

Animal Activism

  1. Oppose the badger cull [ Wildlife ]
  2. Ban Live Exports [ Factory farming ]

In General or Other Green Activism Stories

  1. Greenpeace, WWF and Friends of the Earth across the decades – interactive
  2. 108,000 Trees Planted at Buddha’s Birthplace in Nepal
  3. 36 Hours to Stop Ocean Clear-cutting

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