Activism News: When Is Activism Terrorism?; Lorax Wins!; Animal Abuse at Pig Farm Uncovered (VIDEOS)

There were 3 good activism stories this past week that I thought I’d include a quick roundup of.

1. When Activism Becomes “Terrorism”

Will Potter, one of the world’s top experts on the move to label environmentalists activists was recently interviewed talking about “when activism becomes terrorism”—short and simple: when it’s effective. But here’s the interview:

If you just skipped past it, go back up and watch it—it’s a must watch.

2. The Lorax Wins!

Well, the kids who wanted the Lorax’s message to be represented on its website wins, that is, and their win means that the original message of the Lorax lives on.

A 4th-grade class really disappointed with the lack of environmental information on the website for the new Lorax movie, the whole focus of the original story, started a petition on pushing for Universal Pictures revamp of the website.

The Lorax petition created by these 10-year-olds (probably with a little help) got over 57,000 signatures and Universal Pictures updated the website!

Here’s a video from the 4th-graders, by the way:

3. Pig Abuse at Factory Farm Uncovered

(Note the activism opportunity after the story.)

I will be honest, I haven’t watched the video below and I’m not going to—I’ve had my share of animal cruelty videos. But a big thanks to the undercover activists doing such work!

More from the Humane Society: “The Humane Society of the United States released undercover videos taken at Oklahoma pig breeding facilities owned by two leading U.S. pork producers and filed legal complaints with the U.S. Securities and Exchange and Federal Trade Commission alleging false and misleading statements about animal care by one of the producers.”

And more:

The videos, shot in late 2011, were taken at two Goodwell, Okla. pig breeding facilities—one owned by Seaboard Foods and the other by Prestage Farms—and show animals suffering inside cramped gestation crates and, in some cases, at the hands of abusive employees.Lame pigs, pigs with gross abscesses, torn ears and noses, and ripped genitals and piglets sickened by “greasy pig” disease were not seen by veterinarians.

Seaboard is the nation’s third-largest pork producer, and a supplier to Walmart. Prestage is the nation’s fifth-largest pork producer.

The graphic videos document prolonged suffering of pigs used for breeding who are confined in cages so small the animals can’t even turn around, rendering them virtually immobilized for their entire lives.

But guess what! You can take action now to push the company to stop its current inhumane practices!

And, finally, the video:

More good activism stories? Share them below!

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  1. It is a pleasure and honour to get to know people like you. As for myself, I am currently living in the UK, working and studying Conservation Biology, Animal Welfare and Animal Rights Law. I am also a Hunt Saboteurs’s member, who whenever possible interfere with the hunts and stop them killing foxes and other British wildlife.

    It would be a pleasure to receive some regular news abd update plus get to know the connections that I can make right here in the UK.

    Kindest regards,

    Margaret Hui

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