Action Opportunities: Climate Ride & Protect the Arctic

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Climate Ride California 2011

Oct 2-6 | 5 Days | 320 Miles

Climate Ride California is a gorgeous cycling adventure that begins in California’s historic Redwood Empire near Eureka, travels along the scenic coast and ventures into the famed Russian River Valley before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. Climate Ride California is more than a bike trip – it’s an inspiring journey with like-minded people who are united by their passion for sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycles – the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation.

On the California ride, you’ll experience epic biking, amazing scenery and dynamic speakers that all combine to make this charitable event exciting, informative, and fun. There are five days of riding and each one is a new adventure. You’ll pedal under towering redwoods along Humboldt’s Avenue of the Giants, climb the infamous Leggett Hill on your way to spend two full days on California’s rugged North Coast, then take a spin through verdent vineyards in the Wine Country on your way to the City by the Bay – San Francisco. Each evening, our expert speaker series will inform and enlighten you on topics such as renewable energy, climate science, and bicycle infrastructure.

Protect the Arctic

Today, our planet is sending us a loud cry for help. Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has reached its second lowest extent in recorded history – the lowest ever was just four years ago.

Like miners who used canaries to warn of deadly gases, we have the extent and volume of this ice to warn us of climate change. This warning is loud and clear: if we continue with business as usual, we put our planet in peril.

Yet, business as usual is exactly what oil companies prefer – choosing to try and drill in this fragile Arctic environment, ignoring the very serious risk of oil spills. Opening new drilling areas only feeds the world’s addiction to oil without providing solutions.

We need to stop this mad cycle to protect the Arctic from climate change and dangerous oil drilling.

Declare your opposition to drilling for oil in the Arctic — because solutions exist.


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