A special thanks to Tim DeChristopher

Pollute our air and water, leave SuperFund sites uncleaned, leave brownfields scattered around the country, and greatly contribute to climate change and you’re a billionaire. Try to prevent any of this and it’s 10 years in prison…

Thank you, Tim.

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4 thoughts on “A special thanks to Tim DeChristopher”

  1. This is insane! This man did nothing but assume debt on the day in question. He was later able to raise money and WILLING and ABLE to pay for the land he purchased. How many of us have credit card debt we can’t pay? None of this was allowed for the jury to hear. THis is clearly a case of the law being coerced to serve the interests of the oil & gas oligopoly. His political motivations should not have been of interest to the Federal Gov’t simply desiring to sell land. Add to that his motivation was to better the environment and citizenry of the country? This is a travesty of justice.

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