A Chance to Win a New Genesis Bike for a Better Commute to Work {VIDEO}

genesis bike
Take your chances at winning a Genesis bike.

Following up on a post last week from Genesis Bikes, the company is promoting bicycling this year — and in Bike Month, May, especially — with an innovative social media campaign and bike giveaway that I thought was worth sharing.

Genesis is calling for video-based stories about biking to work that it is sharing on its Facebook page, the company said.

If you’re a bike commuter or want to try it out, create a video, share it on their page, and you may win a bike! “The company is seeking the most compelling personal story it can find about the commute to and from work on a bike – whether it be just around the corner or across the Manhattan bridge.” There will be 3 winners.

Beyond this call for videos, Genesis has actually gone out and created some of its own.

To initiate the video story submission process, the Genesis team has taken to the streets of New York City and interviewed individuals on their bikes as they make the ride to and from work. The candidates are answering questions about the challenges they face biking to work and the advice they might give to someone looking to make the switch. You can find their testimonials posted on the Genesis Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “A Chance to Win a New Genesis Bike for a Better Commute to Work {VIDEO}”

  1. I wonder how much environmental damage is done by all the advertisers on you site. After a 2 min. glance you are giving away a bicycle that is probably made in China,using solvents and paints that the U.S.A. banned decades ago. Hyundai cars. I would think the only products on your site would be made of hemp or fallen tree leaves.

    1. Marino, would love to have the greenest companies sponsoring us. but right now, we are relying on ad networks. without them, we can’t do our job. of course, we hope that people think critically and consciously about such things (what you mentioned) and are constantly on the lookout for good partnerships with green companies/orgs. (& btw, this is not a sponsored post, just something that i think is worthy of support. switching to bicycling is one of the greenest things you can do)

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