80 Taiwan Environmentalists Protest Outside Nuclear Power Plant


Nuclear power isn’t popular anywhere (well, except in nuclear industry board rooms, I guess). And it is something that gets people motivated enough to physically protest. The latest such protest seems to have been in Taiwan. “About eighty environmental activists protested outside the fourth nuclear plant in New Taipei City Tuesday as a safety evaluation committee was holding its final meeting of the year,” Taiwan News reports.

“The project, in Kungliao District on Taiwan’s north coast, has taken more than two decades to proceed amid grave concern over the plant’s safety and the handling of its waste.

“Last August, two out of eight committee members asked Taiwan Power Company to correct some flaws before the end of this year, otherwise it would ask the government-level Atomic Energy Commission to suspend work on the plant.

“The AEC said Tuesday the committee’s decisions only had advisory value, and would not necessarily be accepted as official policy. Of the seven problems pointed out by the academics, some might need more time to put right, the AEC said.”

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