7 Top Action Opportunities

Along with the many top activism stories I’ve shared in the past couple weeks, here are several more I keep forgetting to get to because I was saving them on email and not in my normal places. Check them out:

One Pig’s Story & World Farm Animals Day: “As World Farm Animals Day approaches, I am compelled to share with you the story of one pig whose struggle changed my life forever. I watched her suffer to death, and I can still vividly remember her screams of pain, her cries for help, her pleas to live….”

Brazilian Indians demand Shell leave their land: “Indians of the Guarani tribe in Brazil have demanded that energy giant Shell stop using their ancestral land for ethanol production….”

Save Dolphins from Dirty Oil: Last April, life for dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico changed in an instant. Instead of peacefully playing in the Gulf’s warm waters, they had to dodge an evil oil slick. Sadly, not all of them survived. Earlier this year, dead dolphins washed up onshore, with BP oil on their bodies.

Super Committee sets its sights on EPA: “Have you heard about the new congressional ‘Super Committee’ that will decide which programs to slash in order to cut $1.5 trillion dollars in spending by Nov. 23rd? Unfortunately, more than half its members are outspoken critics of the EPA with strong ties to the oil and gas industries and a long track record of opposing EPA regulations. One is even a climate change denier!”

“Like” this link and protect 43.5 square feet of fragile coral reef: “Like, Tweet, Google + and /or Stumble thumb up this post and you will be protecting 43.5 sq ft of fragile coral reef….”

Massive projection launches a new phase in our VW campaign“Our global oil addiction – driven by companies like VW – is pushing Shell and others into places like the melting Arctic to drill for the last drops of oil. Not only does drilling in the fragile Arctic risk catastrophic spills, but burning that oil accelerates climate change. A stable global climate underpins the very systems we depend on to survive. Our friends at Oxfam estimate that global food prices will more than double in the next 20 years – up to half of that due to climate change. This isn’t an abstract issue – VW’s policies directly threaten life. Today you can help protect your planet and change VW….”

Fashioning Change: “When a purchase is made it is a “vote” for the practices of the companies we buy from. This “vote” can protect our health, the Earth, and human rights or be a “vote” that compromises our health, pollutes the environment, and perpetuates the use of sweatshops and child labor….”

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