6-Year-Old "To Do" List: Beat Cancer (Done) Save Penguins (Workin' On It)

Seriously, talk about an inspirational story. 6-year-old Aghelos Kouvaras was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma last September after a tumor was discovered in his abdomen. While undergoing treatment for the disease most of 1st grade, Kouvaras read about animals, and especially penguins, to stay in good spirits.

Kovaras has now beaten cancer and his next goal is to save penguins (no small task, but hey, neither is what he just did).

“In the hospital, I asked Aggie if he had a wish; if there was anything he wanted,” Aghelos’ mother, Elizabeth Kouvaras, said. “He didn’t want an X-box or a Playstation. He said he wanted to save penguins. ‘What are we going to do without animals?’ he asked. If they die, we will all die.”

Touching. I’m not going to lie, that lats line gave me chills.

What has Aggie done since confirmation that his cancer is gone (which he received just a couple months ago)?

He’s gotten dozens of his friends, teachers, and family members to work with him and he and a group of about 80 ran a 5K race — ‘Run for the Wild’ — sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Overall, his love for penguins, his efforts, and the efforts of others he’s inspired have raised over $3,000 for the cause.

“His work to raise money to save penguins while fighting his own battle is inspirational,” says John Calvelli, who helps organize the race. “He has become a role model for an entire community.”

And, surely, his work is not close to over yet. Keep your eye out for news on Aghelos Kouvaras and the penguins he and so many adore.

h/t TreeHugger

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Images via Martha de Jong-Lantink ; nick_russill ; freebird4 ; Tambako the Jaguar

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