6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Italy, At Least 6 Dead


A powerful 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck northern Italy just after 4am today. The epicenter was about 22 miles north of Bologna.

It was felt throughout northern Italy, and aftershocks have been continuing.

At least 6 people are reported dead, with at least another 60 reported injured.

The same area had previously been struck by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in January.

And a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck in 2009, near the central city of L’Aquila, killing over 300 people.


Source: Global Post
Image Credits: USGS

1 thought on “6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Italy, At Least 6 Dead”

  1. Oh i feel sad for people living there, may god protect them. they should have put a warning sign before earthquake happened.

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