50,000th Nissan Leaf Goes To… Texas Family

Nissan LEAF 50,000

Over 50,000 Nissan LEAFs have now been sold in the US! That makes the LEAF the first electric vehicle to hit the impressive sales number in the country. The milestone was recently hit when a family in Dallas, Texas purchased a black LEAF SL at AutoNation Nissan of Lewisville.

The achievement is of course no surprise, as LEAF sales really seem to be picking up steam. More and more people are becoming acquainted with electric cars’ substantial upsides, and the Leaf’s unbeatable competitiveness.

The family in question, the Bolts, aren’t unique amongst Texas residents — EV sales, and LEAF sales in particular, have been notable and rising in the state. Partly because of growing awareness and infrastructure, and partly because of improving incentives — such as the new “No Charge to Charge” promotion that provides two years of no-cost public charging to new LEAF buyers who took delivery of their car after April 1, 2014.

“Beyond the simple economics of not buying gas, we’ve been impressed with how well the LEAF drives,” explained Todd Bolt, a pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake. “When we show the LEAF off to family and friends, they’re surprised that the car is so quiet and rides so well. The LEAF does everything we need day-to-day, and given the financial savings, I don’t know why we’d buy another gas car.”


“With ‘No Charge to Charge,’ the new EV tax credit and enthusiastic new owners like the Bolt family, Dallas is poised to climb the ranks of leading LEAF sales markets,” stated Toby Perry, director, EV Marketing for Nissan. “Texas is a great indicator that the right mix of customer awareness and strategically placed charging can lead to rapid EV adoption, and we expect to use that model to grow our sales in markets across the U.S.”

Nissan LEAF infographic

The new EV tax credit in question is, of course, the $2500 rebate now available when you purchase an EV in the great state of Texas.

There’s not really any sticking points to the rebate — EVs and PHEVs are eligible. So long as the battery exceeds 4 kilowatt-hours in size, you’re eligible.

One thing to note — if you are eligible, make sure that you take advantage relatively soon, as the rebate is capped at 2,000 vehicles. You really wouldn’t want to miss out on a $2500 cash-back rebate would you? 🙂

Image Credits: Nissan

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