5 UK Supermarket Chains Want CCTV Cameras & Independent Monitoring

I covered the utter cruelty on show in UK slaughterhouses a couple times a couple months ago when reporting on Animal Aid’s thorough investigation of the matter and their videos from secret fly-on-the wall cameras. From that investigation and increasing activism, more and more companies and people in the UK are supporting CCTV cameras in UK slaughterhouses.

Here’s more on recent developments from Animal Aid:

There’s been more important progress for Animal Aid’s CCTV-in-slaughterhouses campaign. The objective is to persuade supermarkets to insist that all their meat suppliers install independently monitored CCTV cameras in both the stunning and the slaughter areas, in order to prevent some of the appalling illegal brutality revealed by our undercover investigations. The law was being broken in seven out of the eight slaughterhouses in which we have filmed.

We had already had two massive breakthroughs, with Morrisons and Marks and Spencer saying ‘Yes’ to the cameras and to the independent monitoring of the resulting footage. Now the Co-op, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have also agreed. We are keeping up the pressure on the whole supermarket industry with a letter-writing campaign that’s launched this month through a mailing to our supporters, and via more national newspaper adverts on February the 5th and March the 6th.

Based on a recent statement from another major supermarket chain, Animal Aid is hopeful more support for such cameras will be coming soon.

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