5 Steps to a Greener Wiener (err…love life)

Our love lives can be physically, emotionally, and environmentally taxing. You’re on your own with the first two issues; I’m here to offer suggestions for the third…

Step One: Meet
You’ll save precious time if you know where to find an equally environmentally-conscious mate. Some suggestions–head to your local farmer’s market or Green Drinks chapter, you’ll likely find a same-age/same-beliefs lover there. Other suggestions include your local library, bookstore, or Whole Foods.

Step Two: Think
After a bit of courting thoughts may turn to the bedroom. Plan for this! Even if you leave your house thinking “there is no chance I am getting lucky tonight!” Plan for ‘it’ anyway. Bring protection! Children are wonderful, especially when two people who love one another bring one (or more) into the world. So unless this is your mate for life and you are both well prepared to love your child/children together forever–bring protection (more on this below).

Wondering why this is a green tip? Visit this site.

Step Three: Undies
Your undies are that wonderful middle-ground between “normalcy” and nudity. Therefore it’s important to look as good as you possibly can. And considering your partner may share your environmental beliefs you’ll never look sexier than you do in eco-undies and lingerie.

Step Four: Lubes, Condoms, etc…
Vegan condoms are out there and they work just as well as the conventional condoms but are made from biodegradable latex and are made without harmful chemicals and without harming animals. For more earth-(and body-) friendly prophylactics, lubes and toys check out the products at The Sensual Vegan. And for a bit of info on proper condom disposal, ask Alice.

Step Five: Shower
If you want to cool down and clean up before falling off to sleep, end the eventful evening with a shower–and save water by showering together (it may also lead to round 2 in the sack!). The two of you can save even more water with one of these.

Good Luck!

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image credit: Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons Attribution

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