5 Secretly Sustainable Travel Destinations

With more travelers interested in their eco-footprint, sustainable travel has become the new trend.  According to a recent survey by Booking.com, only 10% of respondents took a traditional sustainable trip in 2014, but 2015 will see the majority of global travelers wanting to reduce their environmental impact, or to ensure that their tourism has a positive impact on the local community.

Here are five not-so-roughing-it destinations that are also sustainable:

In the City

Mandarin Oriental at CityCenter Las Vegas, USA

Sustainable travel in Las Vegas

Most guests never guess what a marvel of sustainability this LEED certified Las Vegas icon actually is. In one of the most energy consuming cities in America, the Mandarin Oriental at CityCenter Las Vegas is designed to help discretely and efficiently conserve as much energy as it consumes.

The Savoy Hotel, London UK

Sustainable travel in London

The Savoy Hotel in London is not only a timeless classic of elegance and chic, but it has become a pioneer for ‘going green’ in the travel and accommodation business. This landmark hotel has won numerous sustainability awards over the past 9 years for its innovation in eco-friendly amenities and facilities.

In Nature

Saffire – Freycinet, Coles Bay, Australia

Sustainable travel in Australia

The Saffire – Freycinet in Tasmania goes beyond indoor eco-amenities by being dedicated to the conservation of the surrounding landscape. Built on a former caravan site, the Saffire was designed to blend into its surroundings leaving minimal environmental, yet stunning visual, impact.

Monte Novo Eco-Luxury Villas – Montargil, Portugal

This feature property combines everything you could want in a sustainable holiday. Modern amenities, outdoor activities, and plenty of peace and quiet in this serene countryside setting combine for the perfect respite from everyday living.

The Hridayesh Spa Wilderness Resort – Garjia, India

Sustainable travel in India

You can choose your own adventure at this gorgeous resort located inside the Jim Corbitt National Park in Garjia, India. Venture out on one of the safari trails to become one with nature, then return to sample local delicacies prepared fresh daily in the on-site restaurant.

Source and Photos: PR Newswire, Booking.com

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