5 Renewable Energy Meetups In Florida

Solar energy, hydrothermal energy, wind energy… the list of potential alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels in order in order to provide ourselves with the power we need to maintain our ultra-complicated high tech society is a long one, and anyone who hopes to do their part in making any one of them a reality, whether at home or at work, will need to get to know each in a hurry.

Florida has long been a hub of many technological advances, but the field of renewable energy has especially deep roots there. If you’re in the Sunshine State and want to get together with like-minded people where the future of modern society is concerned, here are five renewable energy meetups in Florida:

1. South Florida Smart Green Meetup Group

South Florida Smart Green Meetup Group

If you’re looking to meet people who like to get right down to the nuts and bolts of renewable energy and every other variety of green effort, the South Florida Smart Green meetup group is the place for you. From exchanging practical solutions to everyday problems, to discussing the wide and sweeping social changes that are needed in order to effect real change in the way that we create and use energy, you’ll find everything you need to be a more eco-friendly citizen of the world right here.

When and Where: Preferring convention and conference centers for their get togethers, you’ll find plenty of large scale opportunities to get together with the South Florida Smart Green Meetup Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

2. EarthSave South Florida Meetup Group

EarthSave South Florida Meetup Group

While eco-friendly food takes precedence at the meetups of the EarthSave South Florida group, every attendee also shares a passion for renewable energy and other topics that surround make the Earth a cleaner, happier place! Taking place around Miami and Miami Beach, these meetups will help you to make new friends, even while you learn about what you can do to improve the world you live on in a variety of ways.

When and Where: If you want to attend a meetup of the EarthSave South Florida group, you can find them getting together in and around Miami and Miami Beach, Florida throughout the year! If you want to stay awhile in order to take in the white sand beaches, check out Miamihotels.org for great rates on accomodations around the city.

3. The Eco Scouts Meetup Group

The Eco Scouts Meetup Group

Learning about renewable energy doesn’t have to be for adults only; in fact, getting your kids into the know early in life will only help them to better tackle the issues that they’ll face in their future adulthood. With that in mind, the Eco Scouts group for ages three and up takes parents and kids on a variety of hands-on adventures in order to learn about the fragile state of our Earth and the changes that we need to make to society in order to keep it healthy. DirJournal also has some cool energy resources for additional reading

When and Where: The Eco Scouts meet at museums, parks, and a variety of other locations around Deerfield Beach, Florida; with more than 170 meetups under their belt and many more to come, you’re sure to find something going on in your part of town!

4. Broward County Environmental Meetup Group

Broward County Environmental Meetup Group

With topics like renewable energy, eco-friendly food and gardening, and Earth-friendly technology all on the table, you’ll find the Broward County Environmental Group a great source of personal inspiration when it comes to outfitting your home and life with a green point of view!

When and Where: Meeting up on a very regular basis, you can pay a visit to the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale at any time of the year in order to catch up with the Broward County Environmental Meetup Group!

5. Pissed Off Polar Bears

Pissed Off Polar Bears

If you’re interested in letting your views on the current state of consumerism and the non-renewable energy it demands be known in a more aggressive manner, the Pissed Off Polar Bears meetup group of Boca Raton may be exactly what you’re looking for! Aiming to be provocative, while entirely non-violent, this group utilizes everything from flash mobs to protests in order to encourage a change towards renewable energy sources, all in the interest of addressing climate change and protecting the future of our children.

When and Where: Just getting on its feet, this group is always looking for eco-activists around Boca Raton, Florida to get in on their message delivering actions!

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