5 Interesting Green Energy Events Coming Soon

The topic of green energy has become a serious one in even the most mainstream conversations. It has become increasingly clear over the years that an alternate form of green, affordable and viable energy needs to be developed and pushed on a global scale. But dependance on oil is still rampant, and few people outside of the field know the progress being made on green energy solutions.

What can be done? First, it is about continuing the work and connecting with others who have been making breakthroughs. Together, we can both solve the issue of green energy and spread awareness. In order to discuss this and much more you should attend one of the five major events happening over the next eighteen months.

1. MiaGreen 2014

MiaGreen 2014

This event is focused on widening access to renewable energy in all of the Americas. MiaGreen is as much about being a marketplace for sustainable products as it is about connecting people from the US, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. The trade show is huge and full of the latest in green technology. The talks are informative from industry leaders and developers. You are even given plenty of opportunities to network not just as professionals in the green energy field, but as consumers looking to live a more sustainable life. While so many conferences are aimed entirely at one side or the other, this one embraces them all.

Where and When: The conference and expo will be help from February 27 –28, in Miami Beach. Details will be released in the coming months. You can take care of the accommodation issues beforehand via Miamihotels.org.

2. Renewable Energy World

Renewable Energy World

This year there will be six tracks to choose from: Biomass/Waste Heat, Geothermal, Hydro, Solar, Utility Integration/Smart Grid and Wind. Keynotes will be given by Peter Delaney of OGE Energy Corp., and James E Rogers of Duke Energy Corp.

Where and When: Discuss the latest trends and innovations in the renewable energy world in this science based conference in Orlando, Florida. From November 12–14, 2013 you will get the chance to connect with some of the most leading minds in the field.

3. Optimizing Wind Power O&M

Optimizing Wind Power O&M

Operations and maintenance are a big issue when it comes to wind turbines. This year in Europe there is a unique opportunity for renegotiation, and to spread more of those turbines across the continent. With costs decreasing, it is important to gather the industry to discuss such topics. This conference will have some excellent speakers, such as Jeremy Williamson of Onshore Wind, Katja Bartsch Wuenschel of E.ON Climate and Renewables, and Massimo Derchi of ERG Renew.

Where and When: This event is being held on September 3–4, 2013 in Manchester, England

4. Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2013

Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2013

If you are like many in the industry and you believe the future is in geothermal energy, you will be right at home here. Getting together senior executives, power producers, technology providers, green service providers and others on the business end, this summit will talk about innovations made over the last year, the future of geothermal energy, and the impact of current developments.

Where and When: It will be help from September 11–12, 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany.

5. CanWEA 2013

CanWEA 2013

For the 29th year in a row, CanWEA will be getting together more than 2,000 delegates in the wind energy industry to exhibit new products, discuss the latest developments, find out about the latest brands, and connect with the executive leaders within the field that are making the biggest impact today. There will also be a job fair to connect people with employers.

Where and When: It will be held from October 7–10 in Toronto, Canada.

Some of the best events in the world will be held this year, with some of the top industry leaders acting as speakers. So if you are looking for a great conference on green and renewable energies, you will be in good company at any of the ones above.

Planning to attend a green conference this year? Which one did you select, and why? Maybe you have gone to one in the past and would like to share your experience. We would love to hear from you, so leave a comment.

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  1. I went to the Good Jobs Green Jobs event in Washington this spring, great chance to learn of the many new fields growing up, and networking with progressive thinkers!

  2. I went to the Good Jobs Green Jobs event in Washington this spring, great chance to learn of the many new fields growing up, and networking with progressive thinkers!

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