5 Eco-Friendly Meetups In Europe

No matter what niche your profession sees you in, and what other roles you fill as a human living on Earth, our only home in this vast universe, the “green” trend is one that is well-worth paying close attention to. Helping to shape our business practices, and leading to a more Earth-friendly approach to the products that we create and sell, following a green path can also lead to positive and uplifting changes in personal habits, making the entire endeavor a winning one for each and every one of us.

If you’re interested in taking your habits, both personal and professional, to a more sustainable place, check out any one of these five eco-friendly meetups in Europe in order to educate yourself, even while meeting like-minded people:

1. Sustainable Energy Week

Sustainable Energy Week

Take an entire week to celebrate both current technologies and those to come where the green energy sector is concerned, providing yourself with the knowledge and know-how that you need to make eco-friendly decisions now and into the future, all with the Sustainable Energy Week event, set this year for a date in Brussels.

You’ll find speakers, technology showcases, product expos, and in-depth workshops to attend, each of them offering unique insight into how to be a responsible inhabitant of Earth, from both a personal and professional perspective.

When and Where: This year’s Sustainable Energy Week in Europe will be held in the Belgium capital of Brussels from June 24-28, 2013, bringing you together with high-powered CEOs and the general public alike in as you learn about the green practices that will help to make your business more successful, both financially and ecologically.

2. Green People Berlin

Green People Berlin

Meet people from around the city of Berlin who all share an interest in sustainable living, giving you access to the kinds of minds that have something very valuable to offer your own way of life. From personalized topics like lowering energy costs at home, to more broad looks at the burgeoning world of eco-friendly business, this group has something to offer everyone – friendship included!

When and Where: This relatively new group of like-minded green thinkers meets up in and around the city of Berlin, Germany, discussing the many ecological issues that face us on both personal and professional levels, and providing you with endless networking opportunities all the while!

3. Vegetarians and Vegans of Montpellier

Vegetarians and Vegans of Montpellier

Given just how much we eat, we have to acknowledge that food is an excellent starting point when it comes to establishing an eco-friendly lifestyle, and that’s exactly the focus at meetups of the Vegetarians and Vegans of Montpellier group in France! You’ll learn more about establishing healthy eating practices, where to find vegan-friendly alternatives to your favorite products, and how to generally eat well for both yourself, and your planet.

When and Where: If you’re interested in taking your green eating habits to the next level, the Vegetarians and Vegans of Montpellier is a great group to get involved with, meeting up on a regular basis around the city and surrounding area. You can learn more about the city of Montpellier at FranceMagazine.com!

4. Sustainable Innovation Conference

Sustainable Innovation Conference

The Sustainable Innovation Conference aims to provide a platform from which attendees can discuss both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead when it comes to focusing on business models that promise profitability without putting our home at risk in the process.

When and Where: The 2013 iteration of the Sustainable Innovation Conference is set to be held in Surrey, United Kingdom from November 4-5, 2013, bringing you the best of English hospitality and European innovation, all in one stop.

5. Sustainable Brands Europe

Sustainable Brands Europe

Being eco-friendly in your business practices is obviously smart from an environmental point of view, but there can be no denying the power of the “green” trend in business, either! Attending the Sustainable Brands Europe conference in London will help to show you exactly how you can be a good citizen of the world, even while you profit from it; a very attractive combination!

When and Where: Learn more about taking your brand to the next level of green at the Sustainable Brands Europe event in London, England from November 18-19, 2013.

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