5 Alternative Energy Meetups

As the world’s supply of oil continues to be rapidly consumed, the focus on alternative energies is skyrocketing, bringing keen new minds into this new but still established industrial niche and promising a better future for all with an eventual transition to potentially 100% renewable energy sources. Discovering and refining alternative energy is quickly becoming an imperative to our continued existence, and everyone should be involved with the effort on some level!

If you’re a professional involved in the alternative energy sector or simply someone with an interest in the future of the world as we know it, these five alternative energy meetups offer excellent platforms from which to immerse yourself in a very real problem while working with your peers to develop a solution — potentially even a profitable one!

1. The Metro NYC Environmental Meetup

The Metro NYC Environmental Meetup

As one of the largest urban centers in the world, New York City plays a leading role in industrial change by necessity, and its citizens represent some of the most environmentally conscious minds in the world. In the interest of bringing those minds together, the Metro NYC Environmental Meetup takes place about twice each month at different city locations, offering all in attendance the opportunity to share ideas on and about renewable and alternative energy sources alongside a host of other related topics.

When & Where: Metro NYC Environmental meetups are held at various locations around New York City, usually twice each month. Use the map for official venue information

2. Clean Israel Meetups

Clean Israel Meetups

Israel has emerged as an international leader in alternative energy, and the Clean Israel meetups hosted every few months in cities around the country bring together entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and even government officials to consider this new industry at a grassroots level.

When & Where: While some meetups are held in different cities, most events take place on a bi-monthly schedule in the city of Herzliya. There’s no information on the official venue, but you can use this page to book a room

3. Portland Permaculture Meetups

Portland Permaculture Meetups

While alternative energy sources are key to our continued existence as industrial beings, changing the way we live and consume energy is another means of better regulating the resources available to us. People in Portland, Oregon are free to attend this group as it discusses and debates subjects like urban agriculture, community living, soil building, and more; all in an effort to use less energy, no matter its original source.

When & Where: Portland Permaculture meetups take place about once each month in various locations around the city of Portland, Oregon. Hotel room booking is available via Chicagohotels.org

4. Seattle Renewable Energy Meetups

Seattle Renewable Energy Meetups

Seattle residents interested in alternative and renewable energies are invited to join the Seattle Renewable Energy meetups. Encompassing debates, DIY projects, alternative energy information sessions, and more, these meetups are ideal for anyone concerned about the future of our planet. Join like-minded neighbors in discussing alternative energy sources and green living, making friends, and saving the Earth, all at the same time.

When & Where: Wet but beautiful, the city of Seattle, Washington is the setting for these meetings, which take place twice each month.

5. Boston Area Alternative Energy Supporters

Boston Area Alternative Energy Supporters

Working to build a green lifestyle can be a full-time job, but Boston-area residents with a mind towards sustainability can link up with others on the same track at the Boston Area Alternative Energy Supporters meetups. Held sporadically, these meetups focus on renewable resources, energy efficiency, home and municipal projects, and other environmentally-focused topics; offering attendees insight and ideas on the future of our planet.

When & Where: These meetups take place on an irregular schedule throughout the year in and around the Boston area, sometimes in a coffee shop and sometimes on the road!

If you love meeting like-minded people, consider these DIY and Crafty meetups for social upcycling and inspiration!

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