4 Trump Campaign Promises & Current Results (Obvious Failures)

I feel bad for the people who voted for Donald Trump thinking that he would improve their lives, that he’d help them with health care, to get jobs, to get unfathomably rich and famous. No, being born a millionaire works well for that, but being a poor or middle class voter and expecting Donald Trump to come save the day just doesn’t work.

I’m not going to focus much time on campaign promises “Don the Con,” as some people call him, didn’t keep but wouldn’t have done much good anyway β€” like building a wall between the US and Mexico and having Mexico pay for it (not happening and not happening). But here are a handful of Trump campaign promises it would have been cool to see kept (but which anti-Trump voters knew were BS in the first place):

  1. Balance the US federal budget: Not even close, and going in the wrong direction. Millions of dollars spent on frequent, expensive flights to golf resorts (often owned by Trump, and thus making him money); on lodging for elected officials, varied government staff, and secret service in high-class luxury resorts (often owned by Trump, and thus making him money); and fake attendance at football games certainly haven’t helped.
  2. Provide health care for everyone: Not even close. Actually, the health care bills Trump and his Republican colleagues in Congress have tried to push through with practically no public awareness, ability to evaluate, or number crunching have been public health train wrecks that would have resulted in millions of people losing health care, as several reputable independent agencies reported. Far from providing the full US population with health care,
  3. Stop golfing and almost never leave the White House: Donald Trump repeatedly criticized President Obama for golfing, and he claimed on the campaign trail he wouldn’t golf and would seldom leave the White House. As it turns out, Trump has been golfing far, far more than Obama did β€” often at the extra expense of US taxpayers because of where he’s doing so (at his own golf resorts) and Trump is frequently staying at his properties in Florida, New Jersey, etc., instead of the White House. I’d venture to bet that Trump has spent a lower percentage of his time at the White House than any president in history.
  4. Cut taxes for everyone: Well, let’s be frank β€” Trump has been working with Republicans to try to do what they absolutely adore: cut taxes on the super rich. The tax plan recently pushed by Trump and his cronies offered little benefit for average Americans (if any benefit), but massive tax cuts for the super wealthy. What do you think that would result in? It would result in worse or lost services for the middle class and poor. It would hurt the middle class and poor … at the expense of super rich millionaires and billionaires from NYC & DC. Get the idea?…

Of course, Trump has been similarly impotent on campaign promises I thought were a horrible idea. So, at least that’s a benefit of the abnormally incapable Trump White House.

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