3D Mass Extinction Movie, by Director of "The Cove"

3d mass extinction The CoveI think everyone’s pretty familiar with The Cove by now (& if you’re not, you should be, so check out the link).  Now, the director of this Oscar-winning documentary, Louie Psihoyos, has a new, bigger movie in mind.

His new film, The Singing Planet: The whole world is singing, we just haven’t been listening, will be broader than dolphins (or dolphin slaughter). It will be about mass extinction.

“We’re shooting a 3-D film about the mass extinction of wildlife caused by humanity–I think it’s the biggest story out there right now… We’ll be all over the world for that one, The Gulf, Polynesia, all over the Pacific including Cocos and Galapagos, Europe and many places now being determined…,” Louie Psihoyos says.

“Research involves Gulf Coast missions, reading, talking to writers, scientists, divers, and thinkers. We are all seeing major effects on our planet. Impossible to ignore,” the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS), which also brought us The Cove, says on its blog.

Hopefully this film will reach as many eyes and ears as The Cove, or even more! This is a critical issue facing the world today.

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