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350.org has been adding dozens and dozens of posts, videos, pictures, etc. It’s worth a long scroll. But highlighting a few posts that stood out to me, here’s a video from the Philippines:

..and a separate post from the Philippines:

“In 2009, there were only 30 of us and now we are going hundreds to thousands. The youth had claimed their roles in the making of history. Thanks to all of you who keeps the spirit alive all over the world.

Friends, Dumaguete is still in the Moving Planet mode 😉 Today in Dumaguete, when they hear 350, it is equated to the youth force, climate activists, a global movement! Our actions defined who we are.

A fresh, youth led movement has indeed come to life! Let me share to you our simple beginnings (please see below).

Thanks to all of you! PADAYON!! ;-)”

philippines activism

…and a portion of a speech from the Maldives Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Waheed, to the United Nations General Assembly in New York City (and follow-up note).

“Mr. President,

The Maldives has spared no effort in highlighting the growing threat from climate change. Our nation is just 1.5 metres above the sea. For us, climate change is no vague or abstract menace, but a clear and present danger to our very existence as a nation state.

In the past year, the world has experienced an increase in natural and man-made disasters that compel us to address the effects of climate change with more resolute urgency. It is increasingly becoming evident that the international community needs to be better prepared and equipped to address the challenges of disaster preparedness and response.

Cutting global carbon dioxide emissions, to a safer level below 350 parts per million, is not just an environmental issue. It is also an issue of national security. We do not view cutting carbon emissions as a burden but rather as an opportunity. An opportunity, not just to protect the climate, but also to create new jobs and grow our economies.

For these reasons, the Maldives is proud to announce that we will dedicate a minimum of 2% of our government revenues to renewable energy investments.”

That is amidst the fact that the country is already aiming to be completely carbon neutral within a decade.


350.org is rockin’ it. Thousands and thousands of people around the world are more involved that ever. Exciting stuff!


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