350.org & Power Shift 2011 Take Aim at U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Continuing on with our continuing coverage of and commentary on 350.org’s “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Doesn’t Speak for Me” campaign, news is that 350.org is partnering with the 10,000-strong Power Shift 2011 youth climate conference on Monday, April 18 in Washington, DC. You can reserve your spot there and keep up with news about the conference over on Facebook.

Those attending the event will “stand together to reclaim our democracy from big corporations and push our nation to move beyond dirty energy,” 350.org writes. Here’s a little more detail:

We’ll rally at Lafayette Park, outside the White House, and right across the street from the Chamber of Commerce, one of the biggest dirty energy lobby groups in Washington. We’ll call out big polluters and corrupt politicians, and make sure our leaders hear us loud and clear: we want a Power Shift.

Then we will form two marches, one storming Capitol Hill to lobby and hold our elected leaders accountable, the other will march from one corporate polluter’s office to another and return to Lafayette Park for a dance party.

Every generation needs a new revolution. This one is ours.

WHAT: Fight big polluters, move beyond dirty energy rally

WHERE: Lafayette Park, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC

WHEN: Monday, April 18 10:00am-11:15am then march!

Ready to sign up & join in?

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