23+ Green Heroes (7 Green Bloggers Series)

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This edition of 7 Green Bloggers (which, as you will see, actually turned into 9 Green Bloggers) was a fun one. I asked these leading bloggers (who, themselves, could be heroes to many people) to tell us who their green heroes were. Some familiar names came up, but also some names I’m not so familiar with. And many interesting comments on how these heroes affected the bloggers personally.

Here are the answers to these specific questions: “Who are your green heroes? Who did you look up to coming into this field?

Daniel Harding: J.R.R. Tolkien, Jack Kerouac, Hermann Hesse, the Los Angeles sky line, Michael Pollan, Van Jones, Ed Begley

While not exactly “green” heroes, my accolades go to authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, Jack Kerouac and Hermann Hesse. These and others inspired me to travel the country and experience nature as tangibly as possible along the way. In doing so I came to appreciate both the vastness and fragility of the natural world, in turn developing the green sensibilities that guide my work today. Another unlikely green hero of mine? The Los Angeles sky line. No offense to that wonderful (and increasingly solar-powered) city but a drive over any mountain pass into that valley gives an excellent view of the smog plaguing that area and, to me, an inspiration to strive for cleaner air, energy and transportation. More relevant heroes include Michael Pollan, for his work with food, Van Jones, for his community work and push for an all-inclusive green economy, and Ed Begley, for standing out and going green before “reality TV” even existed.

Dan Harding is a well-versed veteran of solar critique, commentary and reporting. He has published well over 1,000 articles on a wide variety of solar industry topics, ranging from cutting-edge technology and gadgetry to political satire and powerful editorials. CalFinder, where Dan currently writes, says that it is proud to tout Dan as its resident solar expert. He holds a B.A. in English from Michigan State University, and enjoys reading, writing and home construction.

Beth Bader: Simran Sethi

Simran Sethi, founding host/writer of Sundance Channel’s environmental programming The Green and the creator of the Sundance online series The Good Fight, highlighting environmental justice efforts and grassroots activism. I met her at a food event and since then she’s been an amazing source of inspiration and encouragement. I’ve met a few high profile people in the Green world, including scientists and one with the last name Cousteau. Among them all, I count Simran as a true believer and one who lives her words. Her humility, passion for teaching and mentoring, her openness to always learning new things, and to growing as an individual and activist is inspiring.

Beth Bader is the author of Expatriates Kitchen, a writer on Eat Local Challenge, and co-author of the upcoming book, The Cleaner Plate Club: Recipes and Advice for Getting Real Kids to Love Real Food.

Jeffrey Davis: Everyday People Trying to Live Greener

My green heroes aren’t the obvious ones. They are all of the everyday people who make small decisions and take simple steps towards living greener. I don’t think it’s about who can do ‘the most’. I think we’ll get a lot further by a lot of people doing a little bit than we will by a few people doing a lot.

Jeffrey Davis is a real life, honest to God, native to Nashville, TN, where he also currently resides. After spending more time in trees than on the ground during his formative years, he thinks it best to keep his head firmly suspended in the clouds throughout his adult life too.

In January of 2007 he helped kick-start (and remains senior editor of) The Fun Times Guide to Living Green. In addition to being an avid Twitterer, Jeffrey is the Green Tech and Green Business editor at Greenwala.com and writes for Mother Nature Network. His work has also appeared on Forbes.com. Jeffrey’s environmental policy, as it were, is a simple one, “Eco-snobbery sucks.”

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