113° — Hottest US April Temperature on Record (in Death Valley)

All-time heat records for the month of April were set at 56 stations April 21 – 23, including at seven major cities. Image taken from wunderground’s new extremes page.

Yeah, I don’t think they call it “Death Valley” for nothing, and it certainly isn’t called “global warming” for nothing.  The world is getting hotter and hotter, and with that comes thousands upon thousands of heat records. One of the latest is not just a heat record for one city or state or region — it’s a heat record for the entire US for the month of April (Death Valley is the hottest National Park with a record temperate of 134 degrees in July 1913).

An unprecedented April heat wave brought a second day of sizzling temperatures to the Western U.S. yesterday, where temperatures ranging 20 – 30 degrees above normal have toppled numerous all-time April heat records,” Dr. Jeff Masters reports.

“Nearly every weather station in the Inter-mountain West has broken, tied, or come within 1- 2 °F of their all-time record April heat record since Sunday. Most notably, the 113°F measured at Furnace Creek in Death Valley, California on Sunday, April 22 was tied for the hottest April temperature ever recorded in the U.S.”

For more information, see the Wunderground story linked above.

h/t Climate Progress
Image via Wunderground/Climate Progress (Caption: Climate Progress)

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